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Ellie Ariel

(viewed 399 times)
Meet Ellie, the daftest, sweetest, cleverest, fastest dawg this side of the Rocky Mountains.
19th Apr 2015, 17:22   comments (5)

Crime fighting! (a lost cause)

(viewed 1739 times)
4th Jul 2012, 14:40   comments (15)


(viewed 1661 times)
Well, that was an "interesting" start to the week!
2nd Jul 2012, 20:32   comments (4)

..........and counting!

(viewed 1281 times)
27th Jun 2012, 07:47   comments (7)

Spring has sprung!

(viewed 1468 times)
6th Mar 2012, 10:18   comments (9)

Bish - Bash - Bosh!

(viewed 1735 times)
I've never known a job like this one for (minor) injuries.
Forever coming home with cuts and bruises.
This is a (bad) photo of the top of my right shoulder after a stack of three 7-foot sheets of builder's wood panels fell on me.
2nd Mar 2012, 15:07   comments (13)

One of these is mine.

(viewed 1236 times)
Left it somewhere along here last Friday, I'm almost certain.
26th Feb 2012, 14:21   comments (6)

Digital "Painting".

(viewed 1822 times)
Freehand CS5 digital painting. A quick first attempt, with a track-ball mouse (not ideal) last night. The drawing pad and pen is, apparently, sensitive to both pressure and angle. Also much more natural way to "paint". Give that a go next week I think.
25th Feb 2012, 08:16   comments (8)