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Holland's gone Orange!

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Some of you in England may not have realised (for obvious reasons) that there's a major football tournament about to start over here in Europe.
It's quite a neat little concept, all the best footballing nations in Europe play against each other to see who's best. Except England, who are obviously saving themselves for the World Cup and have nothing to prove.
This picture was taken while in Arnhem, a particularly dodgy part of Arnhem, check out the "evil-eye" that "woman" is throwing at me.
Anja was going; "Marty don't,
you know what kind of area this is, keep peddling!"
Well, I reckon if you dress up your house to look like that you can't really be too surprised if people stop to look.
And then I kept peddling.
2nd Jun 2008, 05:59   comments (8)

En route au bicyclette

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1st Jun 2008, 14:45   comments (10)

Dear Dr.Nige, , ,

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What can you deduce from this?
26th May 2008, 17:43   | tags:comments (7)

Happy Birthday Nick!

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Son #1's birthday today, sweet sixteen and Rockin' on.
Happy birthday buddy.
26th May 2008, 07:16   comments (6)


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Nick wrestling with his tent.
And they both needed new bikes for school and that.
It's Mike's birthday in 2 weeks so two identical machines and there's a
little something here for Mike in a couple of weeks time (bring your helmet
25th May 2008, 19:49   comments (1)

Just follow the instructions, it's that easy!

So, Son #1 is Sixteen tomorrow.
I found this really cool tent (for the music festival season)
You just fling it into the air and it springs into shape and lands ready to climb right into!
But then, how the hell do you get it back into its carrier??
Follow the instructions that are sewn into the inside of the bag right?


1. Pull the two top pole hoops together in the centre of . . . .
2. Holding the two top pole hoops together . . . . . .

Etc.etc. got that, sorted, now get this:

Step 5.
Hold the four pole hoops together with one hand, take hold of the furthest
point of the top loop with your other hand, bring the top point down in an
arc to the floor then tuck the front point into the rest of the tent, apply
gently pressure to hold in place, fold one of the side loops over on top of
the two hoops created previously, the second loop can then be folded over
the previous loop.
25th May 2008, 19:33   comments (4)

Zontags Fruhstuck Broetchen

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We went to a "ReAl" MegaMarkt yesterday, in Germany (we live very close to
the border).
They have loads of "other" stuff that we don't have.
Only went for a look, spent a fortune!
These were those "bake-off" bread dough things. I sprinkled some poppy seeds
and grated cheese over them, coz I just can't leave things alone.
25th May 2008, 11:42   comments (1)

Chilluh, Chilluh Chilluh in de Bubbel bad!

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A half hour doggy-paddling up and down the "proper pool"
Followed by a 1/4hr in the Lavender bubbles
Followed by a ten minute shoulder and neck massage from a ton of water
pouring down from ten feet up.
That did the trick!
25th May 2008, 10:04   comments (2)