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The Boet BBQ

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Much more fun here!
24th May 2008, 20:17   comments (4)

"Family day" @ work today

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Oh what fun we had.
Luckily, Mrs. Boet is/was "happy birthday" and there's a BBQ on at theirs.
24th May 2008, 19:13   comments (3)

JXL & The Boetster @ work

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That was knackering!
After well over a thousand photos yesterday we were both bushed.
You're constantly bending, twisting, stretching in all sorts of unusual
positions to get the right angle, all day long!
Sorting out some of the shots today, Erik & Linda are off on holiday to
Canada on Sunday so we've a few weeks to get them properly sorted.
There really are a few gems in there, I'm very pleased with the preliminary
Good job Boet! Well done mate!
(I'll not put too much of the Bride & Groom on here yet, it's their property
after all, hopefully they'll let me post a few later)
23rd May 2008, 11:00   comments (3)

Sneak preview

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(a quick cam-phone shot)
This is bloody hard work!
Some cracking shots in the bag though.
All done now, there's no turning back.
It's drinks on the terrace at the moment, Boet and I are finished for today, run on home and get freshned up for the party tonight.
Pressure's off, let's just hope I remembered the lens cap.
22nd May 2008, 16:49   comments (3)

The Wedding Photographers!

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Bring it on!!
22nd May 2008, 09:52   comments (7)

London, Thursday, "15"

We had booked a table for lunch at Jamie Oliver's "15".
Considering this is basically a school of cookery for youngsters I was
extremely impressed by the standard.
There was no sense of panic or stress in the (open) kitchen.
The waiter service was excellent, food courses came quickly and were piping
The standard of cooking was top notch, clearly the best ingredients and all
cooked perfectly.
We had a duck/tomato sauce pasta dish to start, I had a great grilled
mackerel and Anja had the pork for main course and the four cheeses for
desert were just XL-ent, with their home made chutney relish.
A bottle of Auzzie Merlot bumped-up the bill nicely.
Great meal. We skipped supper that day.
22nd May 2008, 07:22   comments (4)

London, Thursday, when Annie met Trinnie (or was it Susanna?)

Anja's a huge fan of Trinnie & Susanna.
Covent garden, who do I see filming there?
She let out a little squeal when she saw who it was!
Added bonus to the day.
They asked her to identify which solid colour block she thought was the
"heaviest" and generously posed for a picture afterwards.
22nd May 2008, 06:58   comments (7)

London, Thursday, rain

It rained all day Thursday, but that didn't stop us!
A walk through Hyde park first thing (we're always up early, even if we're on holiday, and the travel card didn't kick in 'till after half past nine) past Kensington palace.
Westminster was cool, bloody freezing in fact.
Coffee & cake @ a Starbucks to warm up / dry out and on up through horseguard's to collect our tickets for tonight's show, up through Trafalger square (Nelson's much smaller in real life, isn't he)
21st May 2008, 16:23   comments (6)