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London, Wednesday afternoon-evening

We walked and we walked and we walked in London.
A blustery day in Hyde park but warm and sunny.
We've got tickets to see that show on the side of that bus!
We got out of the underground at the Tower of London and walked the rest of the way out to "Poppy Hanna" where UKmari and Woody were waiting to guide us through the Sushi menu. It was a couple of miles, off the edge of my tourist map. Turns out there's an underground station right next door. I've a lot to learn about this city.
We had a fantastic meal there with "the Woodys", great people, it was wonderful to meet them at last.
(the food in the picture is plastic, the stuff on the plate looked just as good but it didn't survive long enough to get photographed)
21st May 2008, 10:30   comments (6)

London, underground

When in London you spend much of your time underground, but there's still plenty to see even down there.
It feels safe, it's clean and well staffed, plenty of information. Didn't use to be, there's been a huge improvement, Ken's doing?
The 2-zone day ticket is brilliant. Two zones will get you anywhere you need to be, it includes busses too, but I don't understand the routes, I'd end up randomly anywhere. (might be fun actually)
21st May 2008, 09:04   comments (5)

London, Wednesday

So, we took the EuroStar from Brussels Midi to London St.Pancras last Wednesday for our trip to London.
The EuroStar train is a fabulous bit of modern technology. 2hrs & 4 minutes from the centre of Brussels to the centre of London, smooth as you like, virtually silent at 300+km/h, and exactly on time. Beats flying, hands down!
A lovely hotel in Bayswater, everything just as it should be (we've had some stinkers in London in the past, look ok on the internet but when you get there an absolute dive of a place) the Phoenix is a "Best Western" so pretty good, you'd expect.
Bags into the room and straight down the pub. 3 pound 20 a pint so straight out again!
We were just around the corner from Portobello road and Notting Hill so we had a wander round there, no street market on but plenty of colour and it was very interesting just looking at houses and pretending we could afford one here, "I'd like off-street parking of course, and we could put a photo studio in that basement, or perhaps the loft, the light would be better there"
21st May 2008, 08:49   comments (2)

"Leica Virgin" Shoot London 10 Entries

These are our ten pictures, could someone please add the competition clues that go with each one? I'm not online at the moment and don't know the exact wording.

The three non-location specific ones are
"Sweet smell of success"
"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"
"Out of sight, out of mind"
I know that much, the others had something to do with "wobbling" "hops & bishops" "books" "3-D" "Pound for a pound" "Gabriell's warf"
That sort of nonsense.
I think we did ok.
18th May 2008, 20:13   comments (22)

Heading home, briefly

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On our way to St.Pancras this morning, EuroStar to Brussels, car's in the station underground carpark there (hopefully), then the drive home, that fingers-crossed won't take the four hours it took last Wednesday.
I've a bag pre-packed at home so I can go straight back out again, drive back to Nijmegen and take the truck to the night boat back to England.
It's been a great few days here in London, great seeing the sights and meeting lots of wonderful people.
Next year's "Shoot London" is a definate "yeah, you betcha!" and I'd really recommend anyone to give it a go, besides, we've got free tickets to next year's gig now!
18th May 2008, 07:30   comments (8)


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"Shoot London" today from the Tate Modern.
16 Mobloggers made up four teams.
"Leica Virgin" (MaggieD. Dave, Annie &Me;) won a best photo award for our interpretation of "smelling the hops"
"Photogenic Hustler's Convention" (Nige, 095, Essitam & JC1000000) Were YES! Over all competition winners with their "Gabrielle's Warf" masterpiece where Steph got down and dirty.
fantastic day, great peeps and the creck was good.
More photo's and links to follow, we're all in the pub now.
17th May 2008, 19:55   comments (7)

lunch with good people

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@ the top-of-the-Tate
With MaggieD & Dhamaka, Annie and me had a lovely lunch.
Fantastic view, good food, great company, what more would you need?
Cheers Maggie, see you tomorrow.
16th May 2008, 18:59   comments (5)

Dominion theatre, not Dominican, that was just wishful thinking?

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The only shot I bothered/remembered to get of the "we will rock you" show.
A fabulous spectacle! The atmosphere was, well, rockin!!
16th May 2008, 10:18   comments (0)