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Stunt truckers!

(viewed 4841 times)
The Dutch DAF trucks stunt-team pull off a particularly tricky move out on
the open road.
11th May 2008, 19:31   comments (6)

If one Swallow a summer doth noth maketh . . .

. . . how about 50!?

There were loads of them in and around this castle keep.
Erik & Linda are getting married here in a couple of weeks, Boet & I have been trusted with the photography. We went there today to get orientated with the place, come up with some natty ideas and check out the light, which was extremely difficult today due to the huge contrast in bright sunshine and dark, shadowy corners.
10th May 2008, 20:21   comments (7)


(viewed 819 times)
The inside of this trailer (a rental) is fascinating me.
Tiny games for tiny minds, I s'pose.
9th May 2008, 11:25   comments (0)

Having a bit of a play

(viewed 685 times)
The weather's gorgeous today here in the land of Hol. Unfortunately there was work to be done.
There was this great big field of sage, full of purple flowers that was just crying out to be photographed.
On the "Hoek Boat" now, hauling kitchens this week through the middle and north of the UK.
5th May 2008, 19:18   comments (4)

Wildlife on your doorstep

(viewed 733 times)
Well, on my doorstep anyway.
Does anybody know what kind of geese those two are, the one's on the tree stump? They had thick red/brown rings around their eyes.
5th May 2008, 12:51   comments (3)

On walkabout with the new lens

It widens one's horizons.

4th May 2008, 21:10   comments (13)

The eye of the fish!

(viewed 772 times)
Not quite the "Mutt's Nuts" (that was far too expensive)
But this'll keep me amused for a good while, I think.
Out later this morning with the Boetster to try it out on landscapes.
Have to get used to it before Shoot London, in 2 weeks time!
4th May 2008, 06:15   comments (9)

Sunday Morning Kitchen Part deux

Parmesan custards with anchovy toast

Borrowed from Rowley Leigh of the Cafe Anglais, London
1/2 milk and 1/2 cream

Finely grated Parmesan cheese

A couple of egg yolks

Pinch Cayenne pepper, S&P;

Achovy fillets

A nice bit'o'bread, cut into really thin slices
Mix most of the cheese (you'll need a couple of tablespoons of it later) in with the milk/cream and the Cayenne pepper, it needs to be done carefully "au Bain Marie" just 'till the cheese melts, then cool it right down again.

Once it's cooled, good'n proper like, whisk-in the two egg yolks and season to taste. Pour into two ramekins and bake in a moderate oven (whatever that is, mine's a bit radical, to be honest).

While that's bubbling away in there mash-up the anchovies with the butter to make, well, anchovy butter. Spread those thin slices of bread with the mix, sandwich with the other slice and toast in a dry frying pan, then cut into "soldiers".

When the cheesy-custard stuff is done sprinkle on the rest of the cheese and bung 'em under the grill 'till they're nice and browned.

This was a starter but it's pretty filling so the main course was kept fairly simple and light.

"Eet smakelijk"
3rd May 2008, 21:12   comments (0)