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Envious? Moi?

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Took a trip round to Boet's this afternoon to drool all over his new D300
A quite lovely piece of machinery.
20th Apr 2008, 14:16   comments (8)

Magic Garden, the movie

1440 images (one a minute for 24hrs) from the N95 sellotaped to a tripod and stitched together in Movie-Maker to make a 2,5 minute stop-motion movie of the crystals growing on the "garden".
Now, that was fun. Next project!
There will be a full-sized version on YouTube asp, I'll add a link here once they authorize it.
20th Apr 2008, 13:51   comments (6)

Sunday Morning Kitchen (on a Saturday)

Fishcakes Like-a-da Mama maked!

We had these this evening because I have to leave for work fairly early on Sunday afternoon.

First catch your fish. (my Father-in-law is an ace at the local trout lakes, which is handy)

(Starting with the green stuff on the left (Parsley and Bay leaves) and heading clockwise, we have a couple of finely chopped onions, S+P
the fish (two smoked trout in our case, but whatever comes to hand is good) flaked away from the scraggy stuff and bones.
Four eggs (two for hard-boiling, two for the coating-glue)
1/2 pint of milk
Crushed garlic, a few pepper corns, 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
In the middle is of course a luverly heap of mashed potatoes, freshly pressed through the "ricer".

Soften the fish flakes in the milk with pepper corns and the bay on a low simmer for a few minutes, then drain (and save) the liquid.
During the meanwhilst, gently fry the onions down in the butter with the turmeric and salt/pepper until softened.
Turn off the heat and fold in the flakey fish and the parsley, then the mashed tatties, gently incorporated so's not to crush the fish'n'that.
The two hard boiled eggs, having been chopped up, get added at this point.
Put the whole shebang into the fridge for a couple of hours now so that it can all firm-up, which is quite important coz if you don't you'll make a right mess when it comes to frying them.
Talking of which; it's time to get messy anyway!
Three dishes, one with the beaten eggs, one with the breadcrumbs and one with (seasoned) flour.
Grab a (thoroughly scrubbed) handful of the fish-mash-mix and form a fat hamburger shape with it. Then coat it in flour-egg-breadcrumbs.
Heat about 2 cm's of sunflower oil in a heavy-based pan and fry the cakes off, a couple of minutes each side, not long, just 'till they're nice and browned, it's all pre-cooked after all.
I made a fishy-sauce with the reserved milk, reduced a bit, added some prawns and finished off with double cream (very naughty, but oh so nice)
garden peas with mint and a knob of butter balanced the plate nicely.

There was enough for an army so, as usual, we ended up with a deepfreeze full of the stuff.

"Eet smakelijk"
19th Apr 2008, 21:02   | tags:comments (0)

It arrived!

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Inspired by the "Jonester" I ordered my own "Magic Garden" off Ebay.
I'll be doing a time-lapse film of it "growing" this weekend.
You have to build it up, add some chemicals and all different colour crystals grow on the parts. Within 24hrs, apparently.
Should be fun!
18th Apr 2008, 18:41   comments (5)

Kinda scary, in the dark

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I still think this looks pretty cool, especially in the dark, quite intimidating if you look at it for too long, like a clown-doll sat on a chair in your bedroom.
18th Apr 2008, 08:48   comments (1)

Health & Safety gone daft

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I was at a place on the Wirral yesterday. Full load of non-hazardous lubricants to pick up for Belgium.
I had to get dressed up in full PPE to even get anyone to come near me (which suggests to me they should think about training their forklift drivers not to smash into people).
The helmet, safety glasses, steel toe-capped boots, gloves, long sleeves and long trousers. To be then told I had to remain in the cab during loading or stay well away from the vehicle "because it's dangerous".
Now, there's sensible precautions and there's kicking the arse out of it.
The day before, and again that very morning, I'd been fully involved in loading and unloading a hazardous consignment 50% heavier and twice the hight of this one. I survived.
If you treat experienced professionals like irresponsible children they will (eventually) start acting that way.
The most potentially dangerous part of your working day today has been, or will be, the drive/cycle/walk to and from home this morning and this evening.
17th Apr 2008, 09:02   comments (9)

The Boyne valley, Ireland

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Nasty things happened here a while back.
It's very peaceful here now though.
And the sun's come out, which is nice.
15th Apr 2008, 15:35   comments (4)

Goodness from West Wales

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Arrived this morning at our Corby depot.
Well done Jimbo! XL-ent stuff!
(the man's got talent, and there's me expecting to hear a Welshman's voice)
I love the way you've put the book together, like a notebook, fantastic sketches, great photographs.
Really inspiring me to do something similar with my witterings, only I can't draw that well, maybe get my Mum to illustrate it.
Thanks a million! Hopefully I'll get to Pembrokeshire sometime soon to thank you in person, buy you a pint.
14th Apr 2008, 09:28   comments (3)