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Sunday Morning Kitchen

Veggie-pies today!

Onions, carrots, Leeks, Celery, Mushrooms and a wee bit of left over
Paprika's and a dash of Chili and Garlic, all chopped up.
The funny lookin' brown stuff in the bottom right hand corner is
Veggie-Mince, a stand-in for proper minced meat, they say.
Made from minced vegetarians.
You add hot water to it and hope for the best.
Salt and Pepper, Italian mixed herbs and Worcestershire sauce.

The pastry is your basic pie-crust job but with added Italian herbs, pepper
and turmeric.

Fry-up all the veggies and add the Italian herbs mix, S+P.

Next that mince stuff goes in with a dash of Worcestershire sauce to give it
some sort of flavour. Continue frying until it looks about right (?)

I put them into individual dishes coz I'm cute that way but you could just
as easy make one big one.

Top with grated cheese and cover with the rolled-out pastry, the hole in the
top acts as a chimberly to let out any steam when they're in the oven.
Otherwise they might explode. I waited ages once, sat in front of the oven
door but nothing happened, most disappointing. Brush with egg-wash and bung
'em in the oven 'till they're brown and done (not long, maybe 20-25 mins.)

We had ours with Cauliflower-Cheese which is one of my favorite all-time

"Eet smakelijk"
12th Apr 2008, 20:55   | tags:comments (6)

(more) cheesy biscuits

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I was making a rather special pie-crust for tomorrow's "Sunday morning kitchen" (more on that tomorrow morning of course)
It was made from the usual flour/butter/water blend but I added a scoop of Italian herbs, S&P;, and some Turmeric to the mix (coz I just can't leave things alone).
You know the way you have all those little off-cuts when you cover a pie and trim the edges? You might shape them into pretty patterns to decorate the top of the crust.
I bunged them back into the mixy-foody-machine, added a whole load of grated cheese and an egg and whizzed it all up to an altogether new kind of dough, shaped into round-flats, sprinkled with more cheese, and S&P;, and baked them in the oven for a few minutes.
Waste not want not, but you've got to be quick around here, they fly off the plate!
12th Apr 2008, 13:45   comments (3)

A flock of SeaGull

These birds are ungrateful little buggers. Chuck them a bit of bread, take their photos, and what do you get in return? A truck covered in Sea-bird poo.
10th Apr 2008, 17:41   comments (6)

Felixstowe, yesterday evening

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As the sun was setting, the shadows became longer and the colours warmer.
To get out and about with the camera was a welcome break from banging my head against the laptop's screen, struggling with some very heavy translation of dutch legalese. Pages and pages and pages of the stuff. Finished my bit today though, we're pretty much up to date with the dutch language site now, bit of a break from it for a few days untill the next wave of "comment and reaction" comes through next week. Once the politions realise "Lucia de B" is a safe bet they'll stick their heads above the parapet and start throwing their opinions about.
10th Apr 2008, 17:09   comments (3)

What a great name for a business!

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10th Apr 2008, 15:00   comments (1)


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This little feller has been waking me up at six am every day for the last nine days.
I'll be glad to get back to work for some peace and quiet.
For such a tiny bird the Wren makes one almighty racket!
6th Apr 2008, 17:17   comments (9)

Back to work!

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It's Sunday afternoon, the sun's shining for the first time all week, and?
I'm at work. Of course. Had to be.
This wee monster will be attempting to get close to Paddington station at lunchtime on Monday.
Should be a barrel of laughs.
6th Apr 2008, 16:46   comments (4)


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Baked loads of these cheesy cookies yesterday, they were YUM!
All gone now.
6th Apr 2008, 14:41   comments (6)