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Ye wot??

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That's a bit personal ain't it??
4th Apr 2008, 21:30   comments (22)

(Pre) Birthday Morning Kitchen

NY Cheesecake

(adapted from the original 'coz that had no base to it)

I Luuuurve Cheesecake! I could live off cheesecake and roast chicken, that's all.

For the base, 2/3 pack of digestive biscuits a hand full of unrefined sugar and about 50gr butter, all mixed up in the mix-up machine. The butter and sugar, distributed through the biscuit crumbs will melt in the oven, then later cool down and solidificate, thus holding the base together. All very scientific you know.

The other ingredients;
250gr Ricotta cheese
250gr Cottage cheese
Two whole eggs
3/4 cup of sugar (can be leant from that good looking neighbour you've been meaning to chat-up)
A couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of lemon rasp (I cheated, it's from a pot)
2tb flour and 2tb cornflour(starch)
A few drops of vanilla essence.
125gr butter

They all get seasick in the mixer for a while and then get poured over the crumbly base that I forgot to mention needed spreading out in a (buttered) "springvorm" (one of those cake tins that come apart at the end of cooking so you can get the thing out without totally destroying it all)

This then goes into a pre-heated oven at 160-180 degrees C for ages and ages (about an hour and a half) then, when it goes "ping" LEAVE IT IN THERE! For another hour and a half to cool down completely.

Spread the sour-cream over as a topping, it's quite thick of itself so won't run all over the sides, the way I was afraid it might.

Stick it in the fridge and try to keep off it for at least a couple of hours (not easy, let me tell you) preferably overnight (yeah, right) as it'll taste even better the next day.

Right that's MY cake sorted for tomorrow, now, what will we give to the guests?

"Eet smakelijk"

things naughty, but nice

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In Arnhem today.
That's definitely the way to do it, take the day off and go early! Hardly anyone about yet.
Our coffee machine was poorly, we had to go in to get it to the coffee-vet. Prognosis good, 20 days bed-rest prescribed.
4th Apr 2008, 14:34   comments (6)

IKEA, love it or hate it!

We bought this CD storage thing at (p)ikea.
I was surprised it was only in one, relatively small, box, seeing as it was
supposed to be about seven feet tall.
On opening the box, my heart sank "omg, Ikea, what have you sold me now??" I
Look at all those bits!
I was surprised that they didn't just sell me a roll of sheet steel and a
pot of white paint!
I actually got it all assembled within ten minutes, yes 10 mins!!
Now Kylie and all can sit nicely in their new home.
4th Apr 2008, 11:13   comments (14)

To make an omelet . . . .

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. . . . you gotta break eggs!
1st Apr 2008, 18:10   comments (15)

Sunday Morning Kitchen (a bit early)

The bestist Vegetarian Chilli Evah!

A lovely looking bag of "exotic" mixed beans caught my eye last week.

So here we go.

There's a couple or three chopped up onions in there,
A trio of tri-coloured paprika's, likewise all chopped up and the same amount of celery, you guessed it, all chopped to bits.

Four (yes, four) cans of (yes, chopped) tomatoes, there were four different brands in the supermarket, I bought one of each, from "cheapo-cheapo" to "how much?!?", and you know what? Hardly any difference (one had a few herbs in it)

A whole jar of (mild) Jalapeno green peppers all chopped up of course.
Too much crushed garlic and a couple of finely chopped red chili's with a sprig of bay leaves.
Cumin, Chili powder, S & P, olive oil and some mixed Mediterranean dried herbs.

The stuff that looks like mince hasn't anything to do with meat, apparently, except it's more expensive than meat.
No idea what it's made from. Badgers, probably.

And a big bag of tortilla-chips just in case it's all getting too healthy.

Fry up the onions with the bay, Med-herbs, cumin and S&P; for flavour until they're softened.

Add the paprika's and celery and cook-on bro!

Then the Jalapeno pepps go in, the garlic and red chilli. Keep it moving.

Then add the Veggi-burger-mincing-stuff, stick a lid on it and cook it gently down for ten minutes or so.

Throw the tomatoes in there, as much chilli powder as you dare (or think you can get away with) and bring it back to the simmer (you did use your biggest pan, didn't you?)

Lastly the bean-feast goes in (oh, quick rewind, 8 hours back in time,
they've bean (get it? bEAn? He?) soaking overnight, sorry, forgot that bit)

Simmer it through gently for as long as it takes to make the beans edible, could be a week.

We're going to have it with rice and a handful of Dorito's.

"Eet Smakelijk"
29th Mar 2008, 22:20   | tags:comments (11)


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The traffic Gods were against me this afternoon (and the Email Gods, I
couldn't send).
I think they knew that I was off all next week!
Traffic all backed up on the main East/West motorway, no way around
(Home now, but far too late)
I Just pulled into a service area for my tea and let them all fight it out
without me for a half hour.


28th Mar 2008, 20:04   comments (2)

Rainbow with attitude!

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(it was a bit wimpy, I had to give it a bit of a digital seeing-too)
Yes it's gone too far, but that's the thing about digital images, you can make the world appear as you'd like it, not just as it is.
Bet there's a massive pot of gold over there.
27th Mar 2008, 18:34   comments (11)