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White Easter

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So there I was, outside in the garden on Easter Monday, planting up baby
lettuce plugs into bigger pots, when it started snowing.
It just felt like a really stupid thing to be doing so I stopped.
Then the sun came out.
Later, hailstones covered everything.
Now it's snowing again.
First day of spring was when?
24th Mar 2008, 14:25   comments (5)

Not a problem!

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There you go Nige, deportment? I'll show ya deportment!

24th Mar 2008, 10:26   comments (6)

Yer name's not on the list, yer not comin' in!!

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House; Secure

Annie; Sleeps at night
23rd Mar 2008, 21:27   comments (5)

Happy Easter everybody!

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From Annie & Me
23rd Mar 2008, 16:35   comments (0)

Easter weekend kitchen

(Cold) Paprika-Tomato soup with crab cocktail (a spring starter)

Now, if there's two things I'm not keen on it's cold soups and avocado.
This has both.

Cold soup is just wrong, soup should be warm and "hearty".
Avocado just tastes like soap, unless you mix it with other stuff.

But this little combination was surprisingly tasty!

Loads of big red peppers, an equal amount of vine tomatoes, a couple of onions, a few packs (1.5lt) of tomato sauce, cream, thyme, basil and bay leaves, crushed garlic, S & P.

Chop everything up, well, not the cream, obviously, or the tom-sauce, and fry in a big glug of olive oil for 5 mins. Then put the lid on the pan, turn the heat down and let it all do it's thang for another 10 mins or so.

Chuck in the tomato sauce and the cream, bring back to the boil.

Puree everything very fine now, either with one of these hand mixers or in a blender.

Season to taste.

This is a Gordon Ramsey recipe and he says to sieve it all through, well, a sieve at this stage but I said "NO CHEF" "Now F*@K off!" Coz I think that's a bit silly, it's "soupy" enough as it is.

You've got yourself a really nice cream of tomato/paprika soup here now, lovely with some of that crusty homemade bread I keep going on about and most of this will go into the freezer for just that purpose.


Now comes the silly part.
Let the soup cool down, indeed refrigerate it for a couple of hours! How daft is that?

A chopped Granny Smiths, in lemon juice to stop it going yucky,
A scooped-out avocado we've got to try and disguise the taste of, mashed with a fork.
Poor-man's crab meat (I don't know what "surimi" is made of but I'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with crab) chopped up.
Salad mix, this one was iceberg with mixed herbs.
A cocktail sauce; Mayo, tomato ketchup, lemon juice, S+P and a dash of chili sauce.

To construct our masterpiece;
Soup in the bowl/plate (cold) *shudders*
You'll need a mould, I use a short length of plastic drainpipe for this kind of thing (new but thoroughly scrubbed all the same)
Mix all the green stuff with the apple and stuff it down into the bottom of the mould (drainpipe)
Add a layer of the fish-like flakes and top with a few spoons of the cocktail sauce.
Now the scary bit, (carefully) lift the mould up and off the pile.
If you've stuffed it all in sufficiently it'll be compact enough to remain standing.
If this is the case shout "yiha!!" very loudly and call everybody in to see what you've done, quick, before it collapses.
Drizzle a little olive oil around for the camera and enjoy!

"Eet smakelijk"
22nd Mar 2008, 14:21   | tags:comments (7)

Storm damage

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It just goes to show how vulnerable and flimsy caravans are. This one, a static caravan, or mobile home, was blown over in last week's storms. It's brand new, waiting for shipment to another satisfied customer.
So, if you're in one of these on holiday and there's a storm a-brewing, get yourself down the pub, bring a blanket.
21st Mar 2008, 11:31   comments (8)


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785 liters, she was pretty thirsty!
21st Mar 2008, 08:12   comments (2)

Good advice

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It says; "you ought to fill up as soon as possible"
Well thanks Einstein! I've been watching that since yesterday lunchtime.
Should make it to the boat ok, stuff 900 liters in there tomorrow morning in Rotterdam.
20th Mar 2008, 18:26   comments (4)