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Attack of the evil stone-chicks

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20th Mar 2008, 13:24   comments (8)

Enemy in my sights!

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They came round three times this morning in Vauxhaul.
She couldn't find any fault, this time, with what I was doing and did a quick U-turn as soon as I pointed the Nikon at them with the hugest lens in the bag attached to it.
So then she sneakilly started writing a ticket out to a small truck that was parked in a loading bay, driver in the back sorting out his delivery.
I drove up behind their van, which was blocking the road, on a double yellow line, and leaned on the horn for about three minutes (or so it felt, damn thing makes a right racket) until mr. dozy-ticket-writer's-driver shifted his lazy, stupid arse and the truck driver/victim realized what was going down.
I managed to shout "GET OFF THE ROAD YA MORON" as I passed, which made me feel a whole lot better.
Next time I go down there I'll be a dead-cert for a ticket, whatever I do.
18th Mar 2008, 14:51   comments (5)

That's quite close enough thank you.

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I've been watching that series "Ice road truckers", those guys really believe they're at the pinnacle of "tough-trucking", I'd like to see them spend an afternoon getting through the congestion zone with eight drops to do.
Making our own little film called "Nice road truckers" is sounding like a good idea, I'm in.
Now to get the hell out of here. Brentford, N20, Hatfield, Bishops Stortford and Cheltenham to get through today.
18th Mar 2008, 09:05   comments (5)

To the scumbag who tried to break in this morning. . . . .

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. . . . . you did well to wait until I'd left. If I'd have got my hands on your scrawny little neck I'd have ripped your face off!

I left for work dead early, 30 mile drive. Just as I got there Anja called my mobile. She was hiding in the kitchen, terrified, there was someone on the roof breaking into the attic! I got her to put her coat on and get out of the house to the neighbour's while I called the police.
They arrived promptly while I was making my way back home at 100 miles an hour. By the time I got there the fun was already over, they'd arrived in two cars, Anja was safe inside with the neighbour up the road who's ex police. They sent a ruddy great dog up the stairs but he came back all disappointed. No sign of entry, looks like they climbed onto the roof and were sacred off when the house lights went on.
All the windows are security locked, there's just a small ventilator window above the wash-room I'm a little concerned about. Job to do when I get back then.
Anja's alright now, a little shocked but at work ok.
Good start to the week, I wonder what's next.
17th Mar 2008, 08:43   comments (16)

Garden centers can be fun too!

A Moblogger in a garden centre on a rainy Sunday afternoon will keep himself
amused for hours!
Easter is kind of scary really.
16th Mar 2008, 19:36   comments (4)

Troubled sunset over Arnhem last night

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And today it's been raining all day.
16th Mar 2008, 15:27   comments (1)

Happy St.Paddy's weekend!

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Bit of a discussion on whether it should be celebrated today or on the 17th march
I have to work on Monday, so today it is then!

Another discussion is whether or not Andy's green beer is wrong, very wrong or just a bit wrong.
16th Mar 2008, 10:20   comments (4)

On a theme

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Really looking forward to Shoot London in May. Got the London touristy map and everything.
15th Mar 2008, 12:04   comments (2)