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Take a seat!

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14th Mar 2008, 18:00   comments (6)

FW: We're staying in!

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This got swallowed up in cyber-space somewhere, was supposed to have appeared last Monday morning, but didn't, obviously.

-original message-
Subject: We're staying in!
From: "Marty Hirst" Date: 10/03/2008 09:48

Big Munkeh & me.
Made it through Calais-Dover last night with no trouble at all, just the one dodgy looking pedestrian on the motorway just before Calais but luckily could drive straight into the port, no queues, bit of a wait for a boat but I was parked up at the customs zone in Dover by midnight and the storm hadn't kicked in by then.
It has now! Being buffeted about the carpark, which is right next to the sea.
I'm not staying here any longer though, they charge 2,25 per hour to stay here, I just braved the storm to go find the toilet block, it was so filthy that I just turned round and got out again. There used to be a little "greasy spoon" cafe here but it's closed down. So, basically, there's nothing. No facilities, no food, not even a cup of coffee.
Now I'm pretty self-sufficient in my cab, I can look after myself fine, but I chose to stay here overnight last night, thinking I'd pay their charges so as to be able to use the facilities.
Rip-Off Britain? Is alive and doing very well here on the south coast, thank you very much.
"kerching!, have a nice day"
12th Mar 2008, 15:09   comments (0)

Overtaking lane

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We left Harwich far too late last night, gone 2 am.
This is the Harwich - Europort tub, goes about as fast as a wet weekend.
This boat has no trouble with the bad weather, hardly notice the rough seas. That one out there however is like a badly loaded canoe.
12th Mar 2008, 08:13   comments (3)

The brotherhood of MAN

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A club out of which I have recently been expelled (new Volvo these days, did I mention?)
Early start this Sunday, have to go Calais/Dover for customs reasons. Trouble is, Sea France have been on strike (again) and P&O; can't cope with the extra work, plus the fact that the load is hazardous and therefore only allowed on certain of their ferries, and that big fat Canadian storm's "a-coming" tonight, it's going to be an interesting evening.
See if I can't catch one or two "clandestines" on camera while I'm stuck outside the port tonight. Illegal immigrants just love nights like these.
9th Mar 2008, 15:33   comments (8)

Sunday Morning Kitchen

Coconut-Chicken! (with turkey)

Turkeys have really big breasts!

Cut one into lumpy-chunks, a chopped onion and loads of crushed garlic at the ready along with a chopped red/green paprika pepper (that peter piper picked), some milk and some yoghurt, chopped coriander, coconut flakes and cashew nuts.
The spices are poppy seeds, mustard powder, powdered ginger and cumin all mixed together.

Fry the spices for a minute in butter/olive oil.
Add the turkey pieces and fry until cooked through.

Add the onions/paprika/garlic and fry a little more. Open the windows at this stage or your house will stink for a week in the wind!

Next, the milk, yoghurt and coconut goes in. Boil up to reduce a little and serve with shredded coriander leaf.

I also did a load of Bombay potatoes;
Onions and garlic fried for a bit then tomatoes added.
A few tablespoons of "Bombay potato mix" (no idea what's in it, but it's pretty fiery).
Add the (boiled) potatoes and serve with shredded coriander leaf.
We had it with Pilau rice.

Eet Smakelijk!
9th Mar 2008, 10:27   | tags:comments (3)

Ingerlund Ingerlund Ingerlund

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I'll watch this quietly at home this week, next week's the biggie, down to Mick O'Connell's in Arnhem for Eng/Irl, last match of the series, bets are on!
8th Mar 2008, 15:46   comments (10)


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You know that thing you used to do as a kid? when you'd peeled an orange in one hit and you threw the peel over your shoulder to see what letter it made when it lay on the floor (and it was always an "S") and that meant you'll marry someone with the initial "S" or drive a make of car begining with the letter "S" or live in a place starting with "S" (The lovely Shazza, in my Skoda in Skegness?).
Well, do you think it works with coloured lights and too-long exposure times?

Who's "JJ"?
6th Mar 2008, 20:25   comments (4)

"Album" Cover(?)

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I've been playing around with some of the images from "Social Outcast" from last Saturday night.
I thought this was a pretty nice attempt at an album cover mock-up or part of a poster for future gigs.
Let's see what the boys think of it.
Nick, Rik, Corne, DJ? What d'ya recon?
I'll get 4 copies printed out this weekend for you.
6th Mar 2008, 15:00   comments (6)