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See ya later Aligator!

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There he is again!
It's the last time I'll be passing this feller though, the company's moving today so I'll not be driving past him anymore.
3rd Mar 2008, 16:32   comments (10)

Social Outcast

This is Son #1 (Nick) and his band "Social Outcast"

They had a gig last night.
They're getting pretty good.

I'm working on a few video clips for YouTube.
I'll add a link here when I've got them posted.
2nd Mar 2008, 15:09   comments (1)

For Jane Doe:

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A weathered stone wall and a fish!
25th Feb 2008, 11:21   comments (4)

Sunday Morning Kitchen

"Fisherman's Pie" (Caution, may contain fishermen)

Time for a nautical theme;

Take a couple of white fish fillets (these are "Tilapia") and a couple of chunks of salmon. Lay them in an oven dish and throw in a big glass of white wine. Season with S&P;, parsley and dill.

Cover and bake in a hot oven for 20 mins.

Meanwhile fry off a punnet of sliced chestnut mushrooms in butter.

Flour & butter make a roux and gradually add the wine/fish juice, drained off the fish bits just out of the oven.
I had to add loads of extra wine to get the right consistency, about half the bottle went in there in the end, but nobody complained about that.

Stirring in a half pint of cream put a stop to any silly ideas about dieting this weekend.

Mushrooms spread over the baked fish bits and prawns sprinkled over that, followed by the winey-fishy-creamy sauce.

A ton of spuds boiled and mashed, big tablespoon of "Doesburghse Mustard", (more) butter, and warm milk mixed through there with nutmeg grated over it, S+P.

Spread the mashed potatoes (carefully) over the fish-mix (like a shepherd's pie, but without the lamb, if you see what I mean) and "plough those fields" with a fork.

Bake in the oven for about 1/2 an hour to 45 mins, or until the ploughed fields are nice and brown and a load of the fish sauce has overflowed and made a disaster area of your oven.

We had it with garden peas, thinly sliced carrots and a couple of good friends around the table.

"eet smakelijk"
24th Feb 2008, 18:26   | tags:comments (5)

Petty in the extreme!

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I was driving through Dublin yesterday, along a road that used to be a scrappy old thing adjacent to some scrubland but has now been redeveloped with nice apartments and offices, the way a lot of Dublin's old outskirts are going.
The road comes out at a set of traffic lights opposite where I needed to be to make a delivery. There's now a security hut on that junction. Two security guards stood outside, blocking the road, signaling me to stop, which of course I did, being the nice feller I am.
One comes to the window while the other fails in an attempt to get the barrier thing that comes up out of the road, to come up out of the road.
"where have you come from" says he.
"Holland" says I.
"no," says he "have you been delivering to this new estate behind you?"
"not today" says I.
"well you'll have to go back" he says "this is a private road now and we don't want large vehicles coming through here any more"
So I'm thinking; I've just come through a mile and a half of road they want me to stay out of and now he wants me to go back through the road they want me to stay out of while I'm 30 yards from where I need to be.
So I said no, understandably, I thought, in the circumstances, and rolled up the window again.
They conferred, talked into their radios, and said I'd have to back up.
Now, I'm not sure which part of "no, I'm not going to do that" they were having trouble with but there was a fair bit of scratching of heads going on out there.
Meanwhile, the through-traffic's building up and they're having to direct incoming and exiting traffic alternately around me. I'd put the tachograph on "break" and was enjoying the newspaper. I was 2 hours ahead of schedual and due a bit of a break anyway.
One of the security guards had gone inside to fetch his jacket, it'd started raining, the other was still directing traffic and blocking my road out.
A battle of wills ensued! Dirty looks from them, out in the rain, directing traffic. Indifference from me, inside, warm and dry, reading the paper and eating my lunch.
I'd decided to give it an hour and a half before I'd have to give in and back out of there. Twenty minutes later guard #1 comes to the window and informs me that "traffic control have decided it was ok to let me through but," (get this) "if I came through here again they would confiscate the vehicle"!!
I politely told him he might need more than two of them for that, and to bring a big stick.
I very nearly told him he'd have to wait another half an hour as I was in the middle of a break but thought I'd better not push my luck and got out of there.
The strangest things happen along the way!
22nd Feb 2008, 12:29   comments (8)

All shiny and new!

I took charge of my new truck Friday, first run out with it tonight, via the tunnel to Essex through the night.
Nice to be back with Volvo again. This thing's got more gadgets built into it than you could shake a very large stick at! And it smells of "new car".
17th Feb 2008, 20:20   comments (10)

Sunday Morning Kitchen

It's gone cold again outside so time for a good old Brown bean and tomato soup.

Fry up a couple of bags of soup greens-mix (leeks, carrots, onions) in a bit'o'butter in the hugest pan you've got.
Add four tablespoons of flour and stir-fry together.

Add 1.5lt boiling stock, gradually at first, stirring into the greens mix until you've got a thickened broth that looks something akin to ditchwater.

In the meantime get a 13 year-old boy to turn 1/2kg of mince, parsley, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs and S&P; into loads and loads of little meatballs.

Add four 1/2lt packs of sieved tomatoes to the ditchwater and bring to the boil. (at this stage I snuck a fat drop of tobasco sauce into the mix, but don't tell Annie)

Add the small but perfectly formed meatballs, delicately done by son #2, and cook for 10 mins or so.

Add two big jars of brown beans, once they've been rinsed of that horrible juice they come in. Don't stir too much now or the beans will all fall into mush, and we don't want that now do we? Just warm them through.

Serve with big chunks of crusty home made bread.

Make sure there's plenty of room in the freezer coz there'll be loads left.

"Eet smakelijk!"
17th Feb 2008, 08:01   | tags:comments (7)

The caves of digiprotectum

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A little known tourist attraction round these parts, you may have to duck down a little to enter.
13th Feb 2008, 10:52   comments (6)