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Industrial B&W

The annoying thing about the N95 is being able to change so many settings in the camera's menu; black and white mode, bump up the sharpness, raise the contrast levels, max-out the iso, turn off the flash, that's not the annoying thing about the N95, the annoying thing about the N95 is that after you've done all that, taken a couple of pictures, turned it off, put it in your pocket, if you want to do another couple of shots just around the corner there you'll have to start all over again in the flippin menu because IT WON'T SAVE YOUR SETTINGS!!
Not a bad little camfone otherwise.
11th Feb 2008, 15:20   comments (5)

A bunch of Amsterdam stuff from yesterday

And I have come up with THE most XL-ent Idea for a photo project.
24 hrs "in the big city"
Must get some time off work, SOON!
10th Feb 2008, 18:21   comments (17)

NEMO, Science Museum, Amsterdam

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I was fascinated by the shape/colour/texture of this building.
10th Feb 2008, 18:07   comments (0)

Sunday morning kitchen

Now that it's warmed up outside and the sun's shining its little socks off I
thought it was time for a real winter warmer.
Viewers in the southern hemisphere may tune out now.

Rough, farmer's sausage and chopped up smoked sausage, fried in a cast iron
pan together with chopped onions, garlic and Rosemary & Thyme from the

Add a bucket load of chopped plum toms and a tin of Tom-Puree.

Add to that a whole load of white beans and chickpeas.

The magic is in the 7% Belgian "Triple" beer, brewed by naked Belgian Monks
somewhere out in the forest of the Ardennes in utmost secrecy.

Put it on a low heat for half an hour.

Later, after you've come back from watching the rugby, chuck it in the oven
without the lid for 3/4 hr.

Serve with crusty-rustic homemade bread.

Warning; do not attempt to swim for several hours after eating this, you
will sink.
10th Feb 2008, 10:20   | tags:comments (8)

Lucy; a monster trial

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A small theater, "de
perhaps 150 seats, the front row is actually on the stage.
A tight silence from the sold-out arena throughout the play, punctuated only
here and there by a nervous laugh.
Simple white props; six white doors and a couple of chairs.
When "Lucy" brought the dialogue to an end with "and that's enough of that,
I'm tired of it all" and the single spotlight dimmed to black, there was a
short, stunned silence before the applause broke out.
I know this case inside out. They got it right.
News Clip (in Dutch)
9th Feb 2008, 23:52   comments (1)

Lucy, a Monster trial

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Today Annie & I are in Amsterdam.
We're here to see a play, "Lucy, a Monster trial" is about the case of Lucia de B.
It's in a little theater off the red-light district.
We've made a bit of a day of it, left the car in Weesp, took the train in from there. Been to see the "Magnum photos 60 years" exhibition in the "Stedelijk Museum Cs", very very interesting and inspiring, more on that later.
Now in an Irish bar watching France stuff Ireland. This place is full of Frenchmen!
9th Feb 2008, 16:52   comments (0)


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Via Eurotunnel last night, heading home.
9th Feb 2008, 06:39   comments (0)

Truck vs Train

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This is what's left of the trailer that got whacked by a train on Sunday night just outside the port and about 100 meters ahead of me.
By the looks of it a low speed shunt, no injuries.
8th Feb 2008, 13:06   comments (5)