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Faces of Carnaval

Carnaval's just winding down now, the start of Lent signals the end of four days of madness.
On the Sunday there's always a huge parade full of colour and crazyness. I'll post a few shots of that too later, got work to do still today.
I haven't gained permission from a single one of these faces but I recon they'll be fine with it, 'cept maybe that weirdo with the long curls and the strange tongue, might have a problem with him.
5th Feb 2008, 12:06   comments (2)


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Every time I pass this spot (industrial estate just outside Rotterdam), which is about 15-20 times a year, I do a double-take "blimey! There's a crocodile in that ditch! Oh, no, it's that lump of tree again".
Gets me every time.
5th Feb 2008, 10:07   comments (10)

Sunday night spectacular!

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There was a bit of a delay getting into the port last night.
Just before the freight entrance the access road crosses a railway line and turns sharp right to the gates.
Dutch border police were out doing their thing, checking passports and causing a traffic jam.
One truck got held up halfway across the line and a train ran into the back end of him. Not too clever, on several levels. This all happened 100meters ahead of me. No one hurt, as far as I know, though a cook on the boat later said the driver had been killed. But he (the cook) was in the kitchen stirring soup at the time, so who knows?
Any how we all got diverted off through a housing estate over to the car entrance to the port, which also has a railway level crossing immediately in front of it. The passport control guys (remember this is to EXIT the country) had moved their operation to that entrance by this time, causing another huge tail-back of trucks outside all these good people of Hoek van Holland's front living room windows, and all over the railway line again. Though, by this time I don't think there was much chance of another train coming along.
Strange way of doing things.
If any one can find any info on any of the online news forums I'd be interested to know.
This picture has nothing at all to do with all that, it's just a low-light-level wobbley shot of the long gangway on board.
4th Feb 2008, 15:05   comments (3)

Blogging the Plot!

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Watch your letter box.
4th Feb 2008, 11:48   comments (5)

Mick O'connel's, Arnhem

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For the Ireland-Italy match.
2nd Feb 2008, 15:20   comments (2)

Moblog Advent Book!

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As a means of testing "Blurb" (the online printing company I'll be using to
publish Maggie's cartoons) I put together this little item.
The link on the left column of this page will take you to the site where
it's now available to all, at cost price, no profit added.
I've waited until I have a copy in my hands to check it over for quality and
accuracy. I'm pleased with the result so now it's all yours.
There's a preview pdf of the book available.
Orders take about a week to produce and a few days to ship, depending on your location.
Bookmark the page, I'll be adding "Maggie's Derry Drawings" soon.
1st Feb 2008, 21:50   comments (40)

Looking out the window

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One thing about living in a climate like this; it's never boring.
1st Feb 2008, 14:50   comments (3)

I just liked the shapes.

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1st Feb 2008, 13:12   comments (6)