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Job done!

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My apologies for the wobbly screen here and there, every time I stepped out of the lee of that building I nearly got blown over!
1st Feb 2008, 09:55   comments (2)

Job done

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Got through the high winds and driving rain without tipping over last night. I heard that a colleague on the M6 wasn't so lucky and was killed. It's a fine line.
We weren't sure if it was a good idea to open up the side and start loading these straw bales, there was a danger of the wind getting inside the trailer and even blowing the roof off.
In the lee of this tall shed it was just about possible to get things done reasonably safely.
Sat at Hull now, waiting for the boat to Rotterdam this evening which has just pulled in, six hours late.
More high winds are forecast for tonight, which should be interesting.
31st Jan 2008, 12:41   comments (13)

Night truckin'

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Off the Dublin to Holyhead boat at 01.00hrs and decided to run it through the night to a little village the other side of Hull where I'm supposed to pick up a full load of straw. Yes, straw.
Apparently the price of straw in Europe is much higher than in the UK at the moment and that makes it worthwhile transporting it.
I'll get through all those bottlenecks at Manchester and Leeds while the roads are nice and empty.
That is, if I don't get blown over on the way. I very nearly went over the side on the Menai bridge just now, took two lanes to make it across at 20mph! It's blowing a hooligan out there!
If you know the Menai bridge you'll know how high and exposed it is. Pretty scary. I've pulled over here for a few minutes to get the cramp out of my hands and let my heart rate settle down a bit.
OK now. Onwards and upwards. I wonder what the M62 over the Pennines is going to be like? (Britain's highest stretch of motorway)
The things we look forward too, eh?
31st Jan 2008, 02:13   comments (16)

Dawn on the Irish coast

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Somewhere between Cork and Wexford.
I just had to stop and watch this happen for a while.
No rush today, which is the way it should be when your over here.
The sky was crystal-clear, the grass had a soft "crunch" to it underfoot, the only sound was my shutter release.
And then I started up the truck again and roared off to Dublin!
30th Jan 2008, 13:45   comments (8)

Good one!

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Great name for a car repair yard.
Kill, county Kildare
It's raining.
29th Jan 2008, 11:19   comments (4)

Our intrepid sport photographer!

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Boet, on the line, at the Duuvels (Zevenaar Rugby Club) recording their well
earned win against the Pigs (Arnhem).
27th Jan 2008, 15:35   comments (3)

Saturday night's the night for a good curry

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Bombay potatoes and a chicken curry.
There was also aromatic Basmati rice, a milder prawn/coconut curry, spicy
marinated grilled cheesy block things, Naan bread and that minty-yoghurty
stuff to cool you down again.
There was only us two. We now have a very full freezer.
27th Jan 2008, 12:47   comments (5)

Top 100 MaggieD's

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This is the lay-out for a book containing the first 100 Derry-drawings of
our very own MaggieD.

A while back I suggested the idea of presenting them in book-form with the
proceeds going to "ELF" (Elimination of Leukemia Fund)
There is a modesty to Maggie's talent and she wasn't really sure;
a) if there would be that much interest,
b) whether it would raise any money,
c) if the drawings were good enough to be published,


So I did it anyway.

Now I just need your help to convince Maggie that her points were/are not
I've ordered the first copy, it'll take a couple of weeks.
When it arrives I'll check it for quality before (hopefully) releasing it
into public domain.

Sorry for ganging-up on you Maggie but your work is just crying out this.
Your call.
(If I'm really out of order just say so and I'll desist)

Please let me know what you all think of the idea.
26th Jan 2008, 20:04   comments (30)