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Environmentally friendly?

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This is what goes on round the back of the glass factory.
It costs enormous amounts of energy, chemicals and raw materials to make bottles. More visible, at the front and side of this massive factory in rural Ireland were the mountains of recycled glass ready to be added to the mix.
Washing and re-using has to be a better plan. Though there'll still be call for new ones.
No suprise this place is stuck out in the middle of nowhere, out of sight out of mind. Next to a huge cement factory.
25th Jan 2008, 07:00   comments (7)

Toilet humour

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23rd Jan 2008, 21:36   comments (7)

Plottus Bloggus

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Last time I tried to send anything to the states it took nine weeks. We'll see if they can improve on that this time.
21st Jan 2008, 19:20   comments (5)


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19th Jan 2008, 21:26   comments (6)

Cool or wot?

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Mountain Bike in Nijmegen, Friesian faux-fur covered frame.
Just don't let it get rained on.
18th Jan 2008, 23:03   comments (9)

Get well soon Mum!

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My Mum, Maureen, had her heart op late last night.
Dad's keeping us informed very nicely, thanks Paddington.
All went well, she's in recovery now.
Big hugs Mum, gentle ones.
18th Jan 2008, 08:33   comments (19)

Winter skies, sun in your face, sleeping trees.

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Peterborough, yesterday.
17th Jan 2008, 07:01   comments (6)

Forth bridge

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Bit of a queue to get through there so managed a snap out of the window.
Result was pretty disappointing so, with the traffic still backed-up, I dived into the N95's internal editing software, cropped, bleached, monochromed, contrasted.
Who needs Photoshop?
Never a lost moment stuck in traffic.
15th Jan 2008, 11:06   comments (7)