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The port of Dublin

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From the deck of the "Stena Adventurer" early this morning.
There's something about Stena Line that's not quite right. They have lovely, modern, fast ships. Clean, tidy, the food's good. But virtually everyone I have ever had to deal with, whether on the North sea or on the Irish sea crossings, has been rude, surly, slow and disinterested.
Not sure if they pay them peanuts or treat them badly behind the scenes, they certainly have far better working conditions than some of the other scabby old rust-buckets making similar crossings.
I was thinking, maybe it's because they believe that freight drivers don't have a choice as to which crossing to use, they just get sent where they're told. Well I've news for you mate! I certainly do have a say in the matter and this stubborn old git will do his level best to avoid Stena as much as possible in the future.
8th Jan 2008, 09:30   comments (8)

Book of thoughts and wishes

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Fabienne was the last to add her message to her mother in the book of
thoughts and good wishes that was delivered by hundreds of well-wishers in a
torch-light procession to the gates of the Nieuwersluis prison where her
mother has just spent her seventh Christmas behind bars, wrongly imprisoned
and still waiting for the promised judicial review.
5th Jan 2008, 23:00   comments (7)

Light for Lucia

Tonight we (Annie, Nick, Mike and myself) and a couple of hundred others
gathered outside the Nieuwersluis prison to hold a torch-light protest/vigil
for Lucia de Berk who has been wrongly imprisoned for the last seven years.
Her story can be followed here. or on Wikipedia

It was a successful evening with a couple of TV satellite vans there and
loads of press photographers.
Lucia could see us and our torches across the field from her cell window and
flashed a light back at us, we could see her quite clearly at the window of
her cell.
I hope she gained some strength from us being there.

I met a lot of people I only know from TV interviews and via Emails;
Metta de Noo, who is the real anchor-pin in all this,
Maarten 't Hart, well known Dutch author and a great campaigner in this case,
Richard Gill, statistician and a tireless worker in the committee for Lucia.
And of course Fabienne, Lucia's daughter, a lovely person.
It will be interesting to see how the news covers this in the next few days.

Lucia should be freed pending the judicial review that has long been recommended by the CEAS.

She should be freed NOW!
5th Jan 2008, 22:47   | tags:,comments (10)

A funny thing happened . . . .

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a couple of funny things actually.
Firstly, some dirty toe-rag siphoned off almost all my fuel last night in Belgium while l was sleeping. left me with barely enough to make it to the next garage. Stole about 400lt from me.
A word of warning to ya, I am heavily armed! If I catch sight of your thieving ass I will shoot you with about six different cameras!
Your face will be all over the internet within seconds and THEN passed on to the police.

The second thing was a puzzling spot of road~rage.
At 4.30 am this morning, quiet on the motorway just south of Antwerp, a truck pulled slowly past me and once he`d passed I saw he`d still got his rear mist light on from a few days back when it was foggy.
Being a helpful chap I flashed my headlights at him a few times to draw his attention to it. This gesture was answered with him slamming on his brakes, hoping I'd rear-end him I presume.
I moved over to lane two, he did too, trying to block me.
I moved over to lane three, he tried to block that too but but bottled-it and I rolled on past. I never even knocked it off cruise control. He'd lost all his momentum by this stage and dropped well behind, with his lights on full-beam of course.
I was only trying to help!
Strange start to the day, must be Friday.
4th Jan 2008, 18:11   comments (9)


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00.10hrs, new year's day, is when everybody pours out onto the streets,
congratulates each other and sets off millions of Euro's worth of fireworks.
I have never in my life seen fog as thick as this!
Standing on the pavement outside my house, I couldn't see the front door!
I went out to photograph some of the fireworks but, unless you were stood on
top of them, they could only be heard through the mist.
What a huge waste of money!
So I went back inside to watch the London fireworks, now THERE'S a show!

Off to the Rugby club now for their new year's reception.
Should be fun.

Happy new year all!
1st Jan 2008, 11:58   comments (8)

Happy New Year All!!

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Here's wishing everybody a great 2008
Thanks for being you in 2007 and hopefully we'll meet up somewhere in the
new year.

31st Dec 2007, 21:05   comments (12)

Last dinner of 2007

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A glass or two (or six) of wine

Carpaccio of Reindeer (with red noses)

Singapore King Prawn noodles

Baked Alaska

Eat! Eat! For tomorrow we diet!
31st Dec 2007, 21:03   comments (5)

Photo shoot; Jack

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Been busy with the camera this past week.
This is Jack, we popped round when he was only just home, 4 days old and
promised to come back for a "proper" session.
Jack's grandparents were over from Blackpool too, so that was lucky, got a
few nice shots of them as well.
Not nearly finished yet guys, a little more patience.
31st Dec 2007, 09:42   comments (3)