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Flying the flag(s)

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On the English/Scottish border at Berwick upon Tweed early this morning.
Edinburgh - Glasgow today, back down to Hull this afternoon for the night boat back to NL tonight, or at least that's what I think the plan is, it's all still some kind of secret so far. But hey, I'm just the driver, why would I need to know what's going on?
31st Oct 2007, 06:32   comments (4)

Boet has a new toy

(viewed 647 times)
And it's a biggun!
(or so he likes to think)
28th Oct 2007, 21:29   comments (13)

The Boetster & the Viking

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Good to see that Erik (The Viking) is back in his "wannabe wallaby" shirt again.
There were far too many Springboks shirts around the place last week.
28th Oct 2007, 16:03   comments (1)

dancing on the ceiling

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At the rugby club "de Duuvels"
They lost, again, 3-30
But we're getting used to that.
28th Oct 2007, 14:36   comments (5)

Love at first sight

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Not our pup, just a sweetie we came across in the pub.
Anja wanted to take him home.
Who wouldn't?
27th Oct 2007, 19:07   comments (8)

An empty place at the table tonight

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A collegue of ours was killed this week.
Crashed his motorcycle.
Gerrit was a lovely bloke, quiet, polite, friendly. Not really your "typical" trucker (whatever that is).
My (our) heartfelt condolences go out to his family who I know were the most important thing in the world to him and he to them.
Why is it always the good ones?
There are plenty of bastards out there.
26th Oct 2007, 19:28   comments (12)


(viewed 1248 times)
I do believe that's Goode's place in the background there.
I sent D & S an Email but there was no reply. Shame, we could've gone out for a pint in "Peep Peeps" just round the corner. (check this place out on YouTUBE, , it's quite incredible)
Got a couple of half decent shots of some of the dodgier parts of the port though.
25th Oct 2007, 12:52   comments (10)

Room with a view!

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Hoek van Holland - Killingholme tonight.
It's usually not worth getting a cabin with a window coz there's nothing to see but oil refineries and heavy industry but the sunset was worth pulling up a stool for.
A cold can of Carling at hand and the Red Hot Chilly Peppers through the headphones.
Nice run up to Scotland this week. Kilmarnock to Abberdeen and all stops in between. This will keep me happy 'till the end of the week, backload out of Glasgow on Friday no doubt.
Cheers Dennis, nice one.
22nd Oct 2007, 18:01   comments (3)