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THREE mechanics changing the batteries on my truck.
As you can see they were well and truly "shagged" (technical term, don't worry about it)
Problem is they've very nicely hidden away the batteries half underneath the chassis so as to make them totally unreachable by the driver on a daily basis, thus ensuring an early demise.
Mind you, they lasted two and a half years, nearly 300,000km's, and what with all the electronic gadgets and gizzmo's built in there (by Huisman as well as myself) that ain't really that bad.
14th Oct 2007, 11:45   comments (3)

"Social Outcast"

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It was their night again tonight.
Nick and his band (Bassist added!) performed in the "Draak" again.
Every time now they get better, bolder, more like they "mean it".
Tonight's performance was just great!
20 minutes of modern-day Dutch punk.
The clothes, the attitude, the confidence, all made a huge difference.
Their own songs too,
"Kut-fiets" (crap bike) is a particular fave of mine.
13th Oct 2007, 23:41   comments (3)

Home of the famous ParabolicHobo?

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Heading back over to Ireland tonight. South coast.
We don't often go through Pembroke - Rosslare.
May be a chance to hook up with ParaB and the other Hobo's.
If you see this in time drop me an Email and I'll get right back to you.
10th Oct 2007, 14:33   comments (4)

"We have the technology. . . . . ."

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"Better than before. . . . . ."
And all was good in the Joker house.
9th Oct 2007, 07:44   comments (12)

Off we go again

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Heading for the boat tonight, Hoek van Holland - Harwich.
This'n that to do in the UK on Monday before getting the boat across to Dublin (again) on Monday night.
7th Oct 2007, 16:40   comments (6)

My statue

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"the JOKER" Arnhem
7th Oct 2007, 13:28   comments (10)

Not alone!

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6th Oct 2007, 17:25   comments (5)

We, Joker's army

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A bit scary really.
6th Oct 2007, 14:41   comments (4)