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Looks promising!

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Arriving in Hoek van Holland this morning the sunrise was optimistic for the coming weekend.
Let's hope it stays that way. I like it to be home weather while I'm sat in the pub watching the rugby.
JokerXL out'n'about
5th Oct 2007, 09:12   comments (4)

Guess where I am today?

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No prizes.
Answers written on the back of a ten pound note.
Cryptic Clue: Beware! the beer can smells of fish!
Clue 2: it's raining.
JokerXL out'n'about
3rd Oct 2007, 11:14   comments (9)

My ride

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Loading in Holland, out to the UK again tonight.
1,500,000 Argos brochures coming to a letter box near you, SOON!
JokerXL out'n'about
1st Oct 2007, 15:18   comments (5)

I think "stark" is the word

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This is the way down to the multi level underground carpark under the new (to be) railway station in Arnhem.
I love it!
They could so easy have gone for something pretty ordinary and mundane, it's only underground and most people would take the lift anyway (which is glass, by the way).
So hats-off to architects who do this kind of thing, just "because".------
JokerXL out'n'about
1st Oct 2007, 09:11   comments (4)

Ireland - Argentina

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(From R to L)
My mate Bill (he's Irish)
My pint of Guinness (yep, Irish)
An Argentine beauty (she's, well, Argentinian)
Last thing you'd expect to see in Mick O'connells pub, but nice anyway.
She seems a lot more relaxed after the first 20mins of the match than Bill does.
JokerXL out'n'about
30th Sep 2007, 16:23   comments (4)

Good advice

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Taniwha's quote, now adorns the inside of my camera bag.
30th Sep 2007, 13:17   comments (3)

A night at the flicks

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XL-ent movie, for those who liked the first two "Bournes" this one's a Must!
A real "boy's film" though Annie liked it too.

The hand held camera action from start to finish will do your face in though.
29th Sep 2007, 21:13   comments (2)

Apple "tatin"

Harvested the apples off our little tree (he's only two years old, a real trooper)

Made this "tatin", that's a kind of upside down apple tart.
Apple halves stewed in sugar/butter caramel with cinnamon and other secret stuff in.
Whiskey in there, and set fire to it! (my favourite bit).
Puff pastry tucked over the apple halves and in the oven she goes.
Turn out onto a plate (tricky bit) and pour those juices over!

To die for!!
29th Sep 2007, 16:07   comments (4)