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".......I'm just waitin' on a train"

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Joker toes the line, Andy phone's the missus and gives her the bad news; that there's a delay and we'll not get home 'till the morning now.
JokerXL out'n'about
24th Aug 2007, 20:43   comments (5)

Had a nice pint last night.

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Haven't had one of those for years!------
JokerXL out'n'about
23rd Aug 2007, 16:53   comments (4)

Cows crossing

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Virtually my only picture taken while in Ireland.
I'm on the Belfast to Birkenhead ferry now and pretty jacked-off I am too.
They switched the order and had me in and out of Galway before you could say "Mother, may I"
So I spent last night in a lay-by south of Armagh.
Most disappointing, especially as there was no time-profit to be gained from the whole fiasco. The return load out of Belfast was no where near ready to go and I ended up waiting five hours for them to get their act together. Which puts me back on this night crossing, and that was the plan all along.
So, the usual "hurry up, hurry up" is rewarded with "wait, wait".
Not a happy Joker.
JokerXL out'n'about
22nd Aug 2007, 22:36   comments (3)

So I took one.....

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.....thought it would come in handy for when i might be weeding the garden or something.
Bloke from the shop chased me all over the boat to get it back!
21st Aug 2007, 13:41   comments (5)

Holyhead to Dublin

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With Irish ferries.
Very tidy ship.
Glow-in-the-dark safety notice in the cabin was bright enough to read a book off!
Is that stuff not radioactive?------
JokerXL out'n'about
21st Aug 2007, 08:08   comments (3)

My little pony

(viewed 664 times)
Well, not mine, just a friendly one in a field.
19th Aug 2007, 15:49   comments (10)

Mad-Dog Sam!

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(not mine)
He was just sooo enjoying the game of fetch.
Intense, concentration, the stick is EVERYTHING!
19th Aug 2007, 15:48   comments (6)

I see no ships!

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Today, on the Rhine between Arnhem and Tolkamer, there are supposed to be loads of antique ships sailing up and down.
We just cycled six miles to get here.
No ships.
Just the usual "freight traffic"------
JokerXL out'n'about
19th Aug 2007, 10:18   comments (2)