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Salt an peppa's here!

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(To coin a phrase)
(Vintage 80's, I belive)
(Could be early 90's)------
JokerXL out'n'about
1st Aug 2007, 20:01   comments (3)

Recruiting problems?

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I hear Iceland are having trouble attracting new drivers.
Wonder why.
(Not 'shopped)
JokerXL out'n'about
31st Jul 2007, 17:59   comments (7)

Hoek to Harwich again tonight

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Summer's trying it's best too.

JokerXL out'n'about
30th Jul 2007, 20:01   comments (9)

That'd really ruin your week!

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Monday morning, Rotterdam.
(Not mine)
Looks like it's been left in the port area all weekend and somebody's had a go at it.
I dunno what goes through some people's minds sometimes. Very little, probably, in this case.------
JokerXL out'n'about
30th Jul 2007, 10:59   comments (4)

It has it's advantages, this crappy summer

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The skies!!
29th Jul 2007, 17:16   comments (7)

There she be!

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JokerXL out'n'about
28th Jul 2007, 15:10   comments (10)

She's not here yet.

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JokerXL out'n'about
28th Jul 2007, 14:53   comments (4)

Stuff's arrived!

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Cheers Alfie! Just picked this up at our depot in Corby. All safe and sound.
It was the prize in the 'Messengers' competition from a few weeks back. I made a short movie called "Last Night" (see link on the left of this page)
So, plenty of gadgets to keep me occupied for a while.
Ps. Tnx for the dvd's, you're right, I wouldn't have had much use for UK cinema tickets. And the two-pin plug was a nice touch too, thanx again.

JokerXL out'n'about
27th Jul 2007, 10:13   comments (8)