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Hello. I take pictures of things. Sometimes.

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Yardsalepalooza 2004. Part I.

Please note the picture of the largest dog in the world. I think I saw a kid riding him at one point.

Also, most of these are photos of stuff for sale by other people. The M&M; isn't mine, honest.

7th Aug 2004, 18:13   comments (0)

There will soon be a trail of these across the Appalachians.

(viewed 747 times)
Stickers, not ketchup bottles.
5th Aug 2004, 15:47   comments (2)


(viewed 832 times)
Yes. It says: "Jesus recycles people... We recycle cars."
5th Aug 2004, 03:42   comments (0)

WalMart fish

(viewed 3521 times)
Undoubtedly the most depressing thing I've seen in a while.

Stop buying fish here. Please.

5th Aug 2004, 03:35   comments (16)

Yarr. Thar be a salty tar.

(viewed 1061 times)
Brother Joe models the hat I made him.
29th Jul 2004, 04:03   comments (8)

Last gasp of childishness.

(viewed 1181 times)
I'll be a Responsible Adult soon. So I'd better get this out of my system now.

Next week: motorcycles.
22nd Jul 2004, 04:58   comments (11)

kittencam part III

(viewed 874 times)
Sad news: one of the greys has been captured by the neighbor's grandchildren. We're now down to two greys and three oranges (one of whom refuses to be photographed).
20th Jul 2004, 03:12   comments (4)

Scariest. Mannequin. Ever.

(viewed 1296 times)

19th Jul 2004, 03:43   comments (4)
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