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Hello. I take pictures of things. Sometimes.

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It's here! It's here!

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My Ed original!

Shown in its temporary location on my hallway table.

P.S. If any children's book publishers are looking for the next big thing, here you go.
28th Feb 2005, 23:10   comments (5)


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where they keep the books
27th Feb 2005, 21:05   comments (12)


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for an MFA poetry reading
25th Feb 2005, 23:27   comments (7)


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24th Feb 2005, 22:38   comments (3)

what my weekend looked like

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It really was productive.
It just happens that all of my work involves typing, reading, or sitting on the couch for other reasons.
21st Feb 2005, 00:38   comments (0)

Me and the Boyfriend

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Ooooh, artsy.

But I really do like these pictures.
21st Feb 2005, 00:37   comments (0)

old shoes, new shoes

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proof that I'll take pictures of anything
11th Feb 2005, 21:10   comments (4)

super happy fun package time!

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1) photo to show lovely spacehopper artistry

2) soon to be consumed contents

3)and especially, chocolate!

thank you jiva!
3rd Feb 2005, 13:50   comments (10)