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I am a 17 year-old photographer based in Atlanta, GA.

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So, I'm running a trial of this new photomanipulation program, and I'd like
you to see the difference.
With my old program, I made the mime picture. It's my friend McKay. The
Bubble in that one is real.
With the new program, I made the ones with the bubbles- it's a hell of a lot
easier because It has selections of pictures that you can make instead of
doing a random guess and check like the old program, which was released in
1996, by the way. We're old school.
29th May 2006, 03:23   comments (1)


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Okay, so no theme today... well, kinda. if there was going to be one, it
would be my little sister- we went to my best friend's house tonight to meet
her family from Texas.
She and my sis had virgin margaritas and were fooling around the whole
time... and it was funny.
Then I went to Waffle House with Em for a snack.
It was yummy.
She made a bacon mustache.
She took my piccy with my bracelet.I took a photo of my socks, they were orange and black today.
I had fun.Tomorrow, we're going to Borders, TJMaxx, and the pool. We are having
"quality sis time" as she calls it.We finished the Little Britain DVD today. Hoo-friggin'-ray... now there's
nothing to watch until season 3 is released.
28th May 2006, 03:42   comments (0)

My Day!

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Okay, so my theme today is ART!
I bought a tiny digital camera yesterday- crappy 15-dollar
webcam/video/photo one, and I decided to put it to good use on my moblog.
My challenge for myself this week is to make artistic photos out of a crappy
The paper flowers is a good example of a great photo using this camera- it
shows depth, texture, and colour variation.So... that's the only photo that I am posting right now. Enjoy!
Don't forget to check tomorrow for my new theme...
26th May 2006, 22:18   comments (0)

Hey everyone!

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Hey everyone! I've tried sending a lot of photos this week, but I'm too lazy
to resize them, so they keep coming back.

So, I decided to make the theme today... FASHION! Well, kinda... My fashion!

I love anything 70's-inspired, like those blue shoes...
To anything alternative-inspired like my strand of faux peals from the
twenties... mixed together with red and black striped socks... to make an
interesting effect.My secret? I got those pearls from the flea market for ONE DOLLAR! That's it!

I get most of my jewelry from the flea market, and I buy most of my
clothing from TJMaxx. The more funky stuff (like my purple tutu and furry
legwarmers) are harder to find- Psycho Sisters Consignment Shop is an
excellent place to find things like the tutu- I got an 80's gogo dress outfit
there for 20 bucks! The legwarmers cost me an arm and a leg on ebay... and
they didn't even fit the description. GAH! I wish it had elastic bands. But,
beggars cannot be choosers.

Have an excellent day, I am dying my hair pink today! :D

(these photos were resized for my myspace, and i felt like using them today
so some of you might have seen them before.)
25th May 2006, 12:26   comments (7)

Fwd: Hiya!

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Hiya, Everyone!
This is more of a test... to see how this works.
So... here goes nothing.I want to start a theme- Every time I post, I want my photos to be thematic.So... to test it out today, my theme is flowers. I love photographing
22nd May 2006, 03:10   comments (1)