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Its Spike,

Ive created this blog for little bits and bobs i dont want on my main blog!

which can be found HERE

Enjoy lovely people....and dance!!!

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My phone.....Its melting

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Pics taken with ilikepancakes' phone
19th Jul 2006, 16:00   comments (3)

A night in the Sheaf with the girlies

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Pictured Becca (pink hair'd) and Jo, not pictured were the others that dont like their photo taken.
19th Jul 2006, 01:07   comments (43)

A happy Spike is a Smiling Spike

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.....even looking a bit rough with chapped lips from a long weekend!
17th Jul 2006, 22:38   comments (15)

Monday Fun...........with a fake dog

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Its only Monday night but i needed to go to asda so me and the marvelous Queen H road tripped there,

she found a fake plastic dog to befriend,
we asked an asda helper about some oars,
we pranced,
we danced,
took a photo of a fat man,
dropped some CD's off at Kelly's (mysocalledmoblog's)
then played in a park being the loud older kids that smoke and cause a ruccus,
we got dizzy,
we swung,
we slid
we see-saw'd
then we scouted the lake again to find appropriate camping grounds for the saturday fun...

mission sucessfull,

we even purchased a blow up dinghy for the lake.............................................................................

and saw some lovelies in asda with skirts on!

this month is a good month.. so far im extreeeeeeeeemly happy
17th Jul 2006, 22:34   comments (4)

Weekend, Drinking, Swimming, Bubbles

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Enjoyed a nice Saturday in a cafe, thena pub, then on the castle grounds with stuart (ilikepancakes) then saturday night in town, sunday we went, this time with H (queenH) to the castle, but opted to go swimming in a lake in the middle of the woods instead, queue jumping in, splashing about and drying in the sun, then back to mine for bubbles, cheers for a good weekend guys!
16th Jul 2006, 20:02   comments (32)

Thomas: Scary yet Rather Delicious

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Breakfast today with stu after a rather good night, in a place called Thomas cafe in Newark, Scary as hell welcome from the statue outside, yet the milkshake was monstorous and the breakfast muffin was GRAND.
Queen H came a bit later and met us, and there was a rather odd old man in the cafe staring at me.. weirdo
14th Jul 2006, 15:26   comments (1)

Dance boy, DANCE

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Thursday night Newark, stu danced, helen pranced, as to be expected, and we found a wheel, milk, a headband, unopened market stalls, a fence, a cemetary, dirty hands, the usual i suppose
14th Jul 2006, 11:58   comments (5)

If your going to e-con me, Get the spelling right!!

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12th Jul 2006, 11:51   comments (5)