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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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Red Tailed Hawk

(viewed 631 times)
I see several of these each day on my way to and from work.Sadly, I had forgotten that Ihad turned the resolution down on my camera
before taking this shot. I didn't have time tofix it anyway - one cannot
stay aloive on the side of hte Palisades Parkway for long.
31st Mar 2007, 14:09   comments (0)

Lake Tiorati

(viewed 655 times)
31st Mar 2007, 14:08   comments (0)


(viewed 644 times)
31st Mar 2007, 14:07   comments (2)

I have known the atrocities of sunsets...

(viewed 694 times)
Along 7 Lakes Drive, just before daylight savings time.No photoshop - it just looked like that. :)
31st Mar 2007, 14:06   comments (0)

Castle Rock, aka the Osbourne Castle

(viewed 925 times)
This is directly across the driveway to my work.There are rumors that L. Frank Baum used to look at from across the Hudson
River when he was at West Point Military Academy and make up stories about
the Wizard in the Osbourne castle. :)
31st Mar 2007, 14:04   comments (0)

Vulture Trio

(viewed 615 times)
31st Mar 2007, 14:02   comments (0)

Wedding Shoes Arrived!

(viewed 647 times)
31st Mar 2007, 00:14   comments (3)

Mmm... Beer between flights

(viewed 615 times)
4th Mar 2007, 23:26   comments (1)