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I live and work in San Francisco, or thereabouts. Occasionally I go other places.

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Enough with the smut. Here's a standpipe.

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9th Nov 2005, 07:33   comments (4)

non porto pantalone

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What the hell, I'm feeling saucy tonight.
8th Nov 2005, 07:37   comments (36)


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New development: the wee tiny bone chip as seen in the ER is actually the top of my ankle bone, floating free in the side of my foot. Hence the cast.
7th Nov 2005, 19:33   comments (0)

Big Gay Demon Backyard Barbecue

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More historic records. This is the blackwork tapestry that I made for Jeff, back when we were dating. It's about a foot high, and maybe 4 feet long.

As a result of a punchy evening with friends while designing it, the completely joking and temporary name Big Gay Demon Backyard BBQ was assigned. Unfortunately, I never really came up with a new name, so that's what I think of it as.

This is the only tangible art that I've ever created. I'm pretty proud.
7th Nov 2005, 09:39   comments (2)


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7th Nov 2005, 09:32   comments (0)

pumpkin carving

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The top shows the two that I carved.

The middle shows Mike's first pumpkin menacing his second. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

The third is everyone's pumpkins happily sharing the stoop.
2nd Nov 2005, 21:52   comments (0)


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Last night, in pain, no glasses.

This morning, no pain, in glasses.
2nd Nov 2005, 21:38   comments (2)

what not to do

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For my own historic records, photos of the mess I made of my left foot.

Severe sprain with bonus bone chip.
2nd Nov 2005, 21:08   comments (6)