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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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Moblog Xmas Puzzle

(viewed 599 times)
There are 12 mobloggers ID's hidden within the pic.

Kudos to anyone who can find them all ( sorry it is directed at old mobloggers, I am on a nostalgia run)

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all on Moblog
14th Dec 2014, 19:10   comments (13)

Dr Who + Brum = GOOD LUCK DD

(viewed 911 times)
Just to say GOOD LUCK to DD and all taking their GCSEs in the next couple of weeks.
31st May 2014, 17:40   comments (8)

A Moblog Christmas Crossword

(viewed 2072 times)
We are a crossword loving family, I know it is a niche activity, but hey, if you want to take part here are the clues (all answers are the name of Mobloggers old and new):

1. Matisse reversed (7)
2. This common lad Bloggs (3)
6. Yuletide (9)
8. Merry (5)
10. Make your way to the French (6)
11. Can be found where V10 meets H3 (7)
12. Mother Sun (4)
13. M_S_E_I_M_ (10)
15. Take the door from the docker (5)
17. A hot one is a warming drink (5)
18. A windy lass (4)
20. A walking aid (5)

3. They float our boat (6)
5. Has the teeth to move my chain (8)
7. Not a poor guy (4)
9. Little stick (7)
14.Reptile like (8)
15.The popularity of this Moblogger is mushrooming (7)
16. Not a glossy lad (4)
19. Arctic lad (you toss) (6)
20. A moblog sister of Troy (5)
21. Son of the soil (8)
22. Our site (6)

The answers are in pics 2&3
22nd Dec 2013, 17:31   comments (15)

A Geek Christmas tree

(viewed 753 times)
Kudos to anyone who can name the components of this christmas tree
14th Dec 2013, 18:52   comments (4)

A shadow of .......

(viewed 966 times)
Spiderbaby's last post got me thinking ...

Still here, dropping in every now and again ...

26th May 2013, 20:37   comments (9)

GoingTits Up for cancer research

(viewed 1265 times)
Just wanted to give Dhamaka's (Carole Edrich's) Cancer reseach's Blog a mention.

Over the years she has been one of Moblog's main motivators in getting the community to get together to give help to moboggers in need of support.

Dhamaka has also benefited from the support of the Moblog community while undergoing treatment for breast cancer (for which she is very grateful).

Dhamaka was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph last Saturday and told her story starting with her diagnosis of breast cancer and ending with her looping the loop for the 'goingtitsup' breast cancer charity (oh, yes, and finding a little romance along the way)
4th Mar 2013, 21:02   comments (6)

Poznan for Alan (Moblog Stylee)

(viewed 1078 times)
I never did meet Alan but I have met Viv, Beth and Helen. The Dawson women are a special breed, strong, caring, generous and with a wicked sense of humour.
I am sure Alan had a lot to do in how the girls turned out.
This little video is a tribute to Alan (City til I die)

With love to the family
3rd Feb 2013, 16:21   comments (8)


(viewed 1362 times)
Time to catch up with Moblog
After many months away.
It’s good to see some old faces
That’s really made my day!

My verses have not improved
My rhymes are quite appalling
My camera’s still in my bag
Despite it’s Moblog calling .....

A quick update on family:
Dave has retired:)
I am still a wage slave :(
First Born is training to be a science teacher :)
No.1 Son has just started a funded Phd partly based in CERN Switzerland :)

16th Sep 2012, 20:01   comments (19)