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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 29 The Parabolichoho ho ho's ......

(viewed 1965 times)
The Parabolichobos
Are all set for Christmas cheer...
Mrs Hobo with her earplugs,
Mr Hobo with his beer ..

And all the little Hobos
Will sing and dance and play....
It is sure to be the most
Riproaring Christmas Day .....

N0. 28 We don't want your money ....

(viewed 1552 times)
We don't want your money
'cos that is not the issue,
What we really want is
Healthy body tissue ...

Mesenchymal stem cells
(if I'm to be precise)
Just a few millilitres
would be so very nice.

It is just like giving blood
So please don't hesitate ...
You can give the gift of life,
So please, my friends, donate ....

For Alex (Neutropenic Alex) ..... if you are young fit and healthy it would be wonderful if you could add to the bag of little 'magic cells' to help Alex fight the after effects of his treatment for Leukemia ..... for more info please see Alex's blog .... here ...

More photos for Caine and Swamprose ....

(viewed 2173 times)
1. Alfie looking like he is about to swear .... Chris finding the whole thing slightly hilarious .....

2. Nige got in there with his camera phone .... Dhmaka and Shoes in conversation ....

3. Caine's canvases ..... they really did look good ..... and I think that might be a member of the public reading up on what it is all about ...

I do take photos ... with the help of Nige ...

(viewed 1612 times)
Mr P. being most accomodating ... Sprocket modelling the christmas cowboy
hat .... a very busy day ... but time taken out to shop on the way to the
Moblog meet .... hope someone took a pic of Nige having his 'spot' filled in
.... I bought a black magic marker especially .... so good to see everyone
.... sorry to have to leave early ... had to meet up with Dave at
Whitechapel in order to get a lift home ..... big Thank You to Joker for his
compilation of my Moblog Cartoons .... I was quite overwhelmed ..... :-)

No. 27 The Winners ....

(viewed 2201 times)
Hotdog is the Top Dog
In Category 1,
A deserving outright winner,
When the final count was done.

The lovely Caine does reign
In Category 2
Her photographs, just beautiful,
A story made to view ..

Well, Joker, he did XL
In Category 3,
A man of many talents
As it's very plain to see!

So raise your glasses everyone
And say 'Congratulations!'
In Hadley House the wine runs free
At the Moblog celebrations......

Congratulations to all the winners, Hotdog, Caine, Joker XL and Sprocket.... and all the Special Mentions: Spiderbaby, Viv, Nige, Monkey Finger, Gary/Jigalong and Bronxelf.

Big Thanks to Dhamaka (Organiser) and all her helpers ... A great competition ....

Oh yes, and don't forget to follow the lime for Heather's Story .....

No26. Jumping for Nige .....

(viewed 3072 times)
All across the country,
In the States and Holland too,
Mobloggers are going crazy,
And Nige, it's down to you ....

They are jumping in their gardens,
They are jumping on their beds,
And in the case of Freaky Dog,
They are jumping on their heads ..

But one thing you can be sure of..
They all are having fun,
So jump on, dear bloggers,
And Nige .. you're No1 ! ...

No 25. Our Bmal ......

(viewed 2089 times)
Our Bmal likes to have a drink
And so do all his mates,
The Happy Lamb goes down the pub
To have a laugh - it's great!

And sometimes on a Sunday
To lift the beer like fog,
He has a 'Bacardi Beezer'
- a real 'Hair of the Dog' .....

*Edits ..... This is a little celebration of the Very Happy Lamb status of Backwards Lamb at present .... having good mates is a wonderful thing .... and I have been meaning to do a 'Bacardi Beezer' for a long time .......
17th Nov 2006, 11:51   | tags:,comments (38)

No 24. 540 and Mrs 540 Air, are indeed a most lovely pair ....

(viewed 1649 times)
540 and Mrs 540 Air,
Are indeed a most lovely pair,
With their rock star like gear,
we all hold them dear,
They are a couple with savvy and flair ...

When it comes to champagne and packing,
the bubbles are never found lacking,
The Airs have Plotblogging all wrapped
(as goodies are boxed, up once snapped)
And posted with all of our backing ...

Just to say thank you to the Airs for all the packing and posting of the recent plotblog ...... oh yes, and a belated Happy Anniversary ....... and I think 540 has a birthday coming up soon .....
10th Nov 2006, 10:49   | tags:,,comments (22)