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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No 23. Your Hermione's one talented lass ...

(viewed 1816 times)
Your Hermione's one talented lass,
Her skills are a joy to behold,
She can knit a cool sweater
(and there's none that is better)
For keeping you snug in the cold....
She's a potter of class,
She's our lovely lass,
She's our beautiful potter of gold ........
With her stylish skull chucks
And the lovely Lime Suck(er)s
She really will kick cancer's ass!

Edit ....(last 3 lines added by Spiderbaby .... spot on!)

Will polish this one up ..... pic and poem .... but just wanted to get in quickly with a plug for Limesuckers ....
...Limesuckers clicky...

Edit .... have added skulz .....

4th Nov 2006, 16:57   | tags:,comments (28)

No 22. Bronxelf is our Wonder Woman ......

(viewed 3190 times)
Bronxelf is our Wonder Woman
She is small and tenacious and bold,
She fights the good fight,
She's a Moblog delight,
You've been told, Mr Bush, you've been told ..

Just in case there is no man in a Bush mask at the Halloween party ....

...clicky....the original wonder woman post ... the quote .."I plan on tying up someone in a GWB outfit with the caption "TELL THE TRUTH ALREADY!"......"

No21. Alfie and Monkey Finger, though each a manly dude ...

(viewed 3565 times)
Alfie and Monkey Finger,
Though each a manly dude,
Sometimes like to dress up
(when in a burl(y)esque mood)

They don their wigs and corsets
And a bit of panstick slap
And get it all together
For a touch of onstage tap ...

But when it comes to kicking high,
And they try to get it up,
It's our own Monkey Finger
Who wins the hoofer's cup ...

OK so some of it is my own personal fantasy ....but there is a basis for this .....clicky ...
and clicky

*edit ....have fluffed up Monkey Finger at the request of his mother and brother ...... and by fluffed up I mean made more softly hairy .... I have had quite an 'education' this afternoon and need a little lie down now ......

No20. Our Sprocket's away with the fairies .....

(viewed 2900 times)
Our Sprocket's away with the fairies,
(His little garden sprites)..
He likes to sit and watch them
As they make their fairy lights ...

But lurking in the shadows,
And unbeknownst to him,
Is the Little Bad Taste Fairy
By the name of Tiny Tim ..

Tim gives a little snigger
As he conjures up his potion ..
And Sprocket goes off singing
'Let's do the Locomotion' ...

Inspired by the 'I think the fairies did it' post. It also goes someway to
explain Sprocket's apparent obsession with Kylie Minogue ..

...the original fairies post ...

No19. For Halloween ... OJ is a lovely lass..

(viewed 2567 times)
OJ is a lovely lass,
She is beautiful and bright,
But as to the joys of motherhood
She has yet to see the light....

Then last week on Moblog
She had a broody coo...
A posting which had made her think
She could be a mummy too ..

But then realization hit her,
Ghoulies weren't up her street,
She'd much prefer the lovely V
For a game of trick or treat ..

Inspired by a comment on Steph's blog ..."You know I *might* just want children after all. Now I realise you can dress them up as zombies and take pictures of them"...

...clicky for original post...

23rd Oct 2006, 12:49   | tags:,comments (22)

The plot thickens .....

(viewed 1588 times)
20th Oct 2006, 16:38   | tags:comments (18)

No18. Our Steve is an intrepid blogger ......

(viewed 2394 times)
Our Steve's an intrepid blogger
Who's travelled far and wide.
From the mean streets of Glasgow
To Manchester's Moss side.

He's braved the clubs of London
(Not easy, some would say)
But the scariest place he's been to
Are the haunts of Tiger Bay.....

In the backstreets of Cardiff,
A stone's throw from the harbour,
Lives a wizened little Welshman,
By the name of Chris the Barber.

He brandishes his scissors
And with a wheeze and cough
Points out today's 'Special'...
A style he's called 'Van Gogh'

Inspired by a lovely little story on Steve's blog last week here for the original story ...
18th Oct 2006, 20:40   | tags:,comments (31)

No17. Our Euphro's a pro

(viewed 1599 times)
Our Euphro's a pro, he knows where to go,
He's Moblog's well-travelled brainbox,
A genial geologist, scientist, botanist -
Our Euphro most certainly rocks.

If you're stumped by a tree (or the name of a bee)
Or you need just a little advice,
With a smile and a wink and a moment to think
The answer will come in a trice ..

He's never a bore, he has rock as his core,
(though outside he's softer than goo)
Antarctic explorer and polar adorer -
He's our knight on a shiny skidoo!