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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No16. Neutropenic Alex is my super hero ....

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Neutropenic Alex is my super hero,
He is young and handsome and strong.
He's gifted and talented, inventive and balanced,
And I just love his music and song.

His latest undertaking, (of his own making),
Is an underwear site on the web,
Stud London is cool, and long may it rule,
As it caters for builder to Deb.

Inspired by Alex (of course) and a comment Puff made about a pair of personalised boxers he would order ....

No15. The Wonderful thing about Uber Spy ....

(viewed 1693 times)
The wonderful thing about Uber Spy
(And I think we all concur)
Is her stunningly gorgeous uber smile
That attracts us all to her....

And just like Alice's Cheshire cat,
When she has been and gone,
Our Uber's presence is always there,
As her smile just lingers on .....

As you can see a lot more time was spent on the pic ......

Neutropenic seen on TV

These are some stills taken from City Hospital when Alex was interviewed by
Ulkrika Jonsson .....
30th Sep 2006, 17:36   comments (26)

No14. Seaneeboy's a lovely lad ....

(viewed 1395 times)
Seaneeboy's a lovely lad,
(in fact a real fungi)
You'll often find him down the pub,
A twinkle in his eye.

But just a week last Tuesday,
In his garden on the sly,
There happened a phenomenon
That caused a hue and cry...

A giant fungus had sprung up
And spread across his lawn ...
Mushroom piled on mushroom...
It looked like fungal porn ...

And in the morning after Brunch
(of bacon and fried eggs)
He took it upon himself to blog
The brain between his legs ...

Inspired by a pic on Sean's blog entitled 'the brain is back'....

...the original brain-fungi post ...

29th Sep 2006, 16:37   | tags:,comments (21)

Geo and D ...Cambodia ... Not from Casualty! ....

Have just noticed that Casualty on BBC 1 have a Cambodian theme .... me and
my lemsip will be watching ....
First 5 pics taken in the schools that were part of the project - low res
cos these were taken with an old digi camera.... (have many many more taken
with SLR but haven't got round to scanning them )....
Last 2 pics are scanned from SLR pics ... me doing the touristy thing at
Angkor Wat....
Have loads more of these as well ..... landscapes etc
Hopefully will be going back soon as the education project that was set up
will be going national quite soon .... the thing that gave me the most
satisfaction when I was out there was the setting up of a small co-operative
that made educational resources (out of local materials) for local schools
... back in the 70's I was involved in a similar project in Nicaragua .....
23rd Sep 2006, 19:22   | tags:comments (14)

No12. Joker XL's lost his horn

(viewed 2487 times)
Joker XL's lost his horn
(but doesn't give a hoot)
It's just the opportunity
To riffle through his boot ..

He looks inside his party box
for his special little toy,
(the one he's liked to play with
ever since he was a boy)...

He finds what he's been looking for ...
It's sitting in his lap ...
It lies there coiled and waiting...
.. a shiny little chap..

And when he comes to use it
To scare his spikey foe...
To get the full six inches*
It needs a little blow..

* These things are most effective when fully extended .....

the result of a very frustrating morning hanging about awaiting instructions for my latest project .... thank you Moblog for the distraction .......
22nd Sep 2006, 14:47   | tags:,,,comments (42)

Bare bottom spanking ....

(viewed 13563 times)
Or rather bare bear bottom spanking.... part of my collection of russian
bear automata ....Year 9 girlies are designing and making wooden automata as
part of this terms RMT project .... I took this and some other more complex
ones into school as examples ....
18th Sep 2006, 16:33   | tags:,,,comments (14)

No11. Paintist: First and Last update ..

(viewed 2355 times)
Paintist was the first (not posted on my blog) and so fittingly should be the last (for now)... have a very busy few weeks ahead so no more time for sillinesses .....

My good lady of paint
Is an absolute saint,
She is talented witty and kind
Her comments are great
Her photos first rate
And her blog is a genuine find

There is just one small thing
(with familiar ring)
that puzzles me more than most
We never do see,
(or is it just me?)
Her face on anyone?s post.

A huge talent, hidden behind a huge pallette ...