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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No10. Mandy... with a stick down her ass...

(viewed 2835 times)
There are many folk on Moblog
Who are talented and fun,
Miss Pretty Pants (that's Mandy),
Most certainly is one .....

She likes shooting horses
(With a camera, not a gun),
But when they won't keep still for her,
Photography's no fun.

Then inspiration came to her,
(She is a cunning lass)
She solved the problem neatly with
a stick stuck down her ass!.

Mandy, the best wildlife photographer on the blog .... and a lovely funny lady to boot .....

No9. Geodyne and Dhmaka .....

(viewed 1419 times)
Geodyne and Dhmaka decided
It would be fun
To post up crazy photos
Just to confuse everyone.

In the name of plotblogging
They posted funny pics,
With Dhmaka outdoing Geo
With her photographic tricks.

But Geodyne came back,
With a flash of inspiration,
And plotblogged a plotblogging,
Just to confuse the situation ..

Plotblogging confused or what? ...... actually think I understand at last .....
5th Sep 2006, 21:14   | tags:,,comments (18)

No8. Filbert Fox and Backwards Lamb ......

(viewed 1498 times)
FilbertFox and Backwards Lamb
Decided that they'd play,
Said FilbertFox to Backwards Lamb
"Come on punk, make my day"

Said Backwards Lamb to Filbert Fox
"Play nicely with me please"
Said Filbert Fox to Backwards Lamb
"Just get up off your knees"

So FilbertFox and Backwards Lamb
Played nicely (as they can),
Til FilbertFox told Backwards Lamb
To go hang his little man ..

Handing him the rope .....

No7. There are many sides to Master Spike....

(viewed 1789 times)
Master Spike has many sides
And all of them are valid,
His darker side, his lighter side,
His bright face and his pallid.

His art, his craft, his music
Are central to his core.
His friends are, even more so
(he could not love them more)

The many sides to Master Spike
(and these include his sins)
are held together loosely
by his piercings and his pins..

The camp side of Spike .....

No6. Sir Findo Gask and Ryan....

(viewed 1607 times)
Sir Findo Gask and Ryan
Went to the park to play,
They took along a kite to fly
( it was a windy day) ....

Borris stopped to watch them
As the kite came whizzing by .....
He launched himself into the air..
Who said a dog can't fly?

Inspired by a tag on Sir Findo's recent post "Borris the dog for scale
purposes only and not for flying"...

PS. I was going to do Spike, but bottled out ....

No5. Puddlepuff loves his car ....

(viewed 1500 times)
Puddlepuff adores his car,
He loves it every bit....
He drives it with the sunroof up
(the only way he'll fit)...

There's just one thing that he should do
(or so we all do think)....
His car should have a re spray
To turn it shocking pink!

Welcome back Puff (and Nubby of course)....
22nd Aug 2006, 10:58   | tags:,,comments (23)

No4. Alfie is King of Moblog.....

(viewed 1564 times)
Alfie is king of Moblog,
Of that there is no doubt,
With Mat, a Superhero,
(Who always sorts things out).....

I have heard that Nokia
Are giving stuff away,
So pretty soon, Alfie should have
A phone for everyday .....

Being a "Media Whore" has its perks .......

No3. There's nothing our Nige wont do ....

(viewed 1457 times)
There's nothing our Nige won't do
To get that special shot....
Dangle from ledges, crawl through hedges
He's done the blooming lot....

His photographic prowess
Has been enhanced of late,
In the privacy of his study
He's been known to rasterbate ....
19th Aug 2006, 18:37   | tags:,comments (25)