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Pictures makes me feel as if the nature of my alcoholism and insanity have occasionally been captured. I don't know if anyone who sees this will approve, or if they'll find it even worse than dead baby pictures.
Fascinating? Horrifying? Boring as fuck? Not that fucking is boring.
Hey... you came here. If it's just a fucking table, it's just a fucking table. If it's my mental ejaculate and it pisses you off, piss off.

Why the HELL would you want to know more?
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Five-star guest accommodations...
27th Apr 2004, 20:37   comments (15)


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Honeymoon suite...
27th Apr 2004, 20:37   comments (4)


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Wedding pyre...
27th Apr 2004, 20:32   comments (3)


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There was much debate on the plural of Lorax.

Here's a closeup of the bride and groom on the cake.

Then there's a picture of me rolling fondant again. Darren says this
picture is "sexy". I don't get it. *shakes head*

Then there's me again. Going MAD. Clearly a short trip.

Finally.... why you REALLY don't want me working on a cake in YOUR house.
Because, frankly, I'm the messiest person ever when I'm creating. There is
NOTHING in our house right now that doesn't have a thin film of icing sugar
on it. Including me.
26th Apr 2004, 19:58   comments (6)


If I never eat another scrap of wedding cake... I might take off the twelve
pounds I put on last week.

1. The cake! Done, complete, at the wedding. Death of the cake followed
shortly. It was messy and disturbing.

2. The bottom layer before leveling it off. It looks like a gigantic Jos

3. The middle layer in the freezer, covered in evil chocolate
buttercream... *drool*

4. Rolling, rolling, rolling... keep that chocolate rolling...

5. Darren, my eager helping hand. With the cake too. Here he is, painting
the sugar leaves I pressed the day before.

6. I wasn't sure the green of the fondant was obnoxious enough to represent
Dr. Seuss until this moment... when I realized the top layer really did
look like a restaurant mint.

7. The top two layers, nearly done.

8. Oh. My. Grooooan. It's 6:30 am. Darren is sleeping peacefully. I
have now been awake for 23 hours. Moan.

9. Some finishing touches after assembling the cake at the wedding......

10. It's over. Thank fucking Christ.
26th Apr 2004, 19:25   comments (9)


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I've begun the initial steps of my friend's wedding cake for Saturday.

It is very important, when creating a cake of this magnitude, to take the
time and plan out thoroughly exactly what you would like to achieve with the
finished product, making an elaborate and professional sketch.

Next you should ensure that you have the appropriate (16" diameter!!) baking

Once baked it is important to initially freeze the cakes. To facilitate
this, the professional baker keeps at her disposal a spaceous freezer devoid
of other foods which could make moveability awkward.

During baking, it is prudent to begin assembling the sugar-based decorations
that will be added at the end. You should keep your work-space tidy and
21st Apr 2004, 16:50   comments (13)


Nomad, I blame you for this.
EVERYWHERE I go now I see cranes. YELLOW cranes.

Keep your head out of my future, you.
19th Apr 2004, 20:20   comments (7)


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Every single public internet terminal I could find this weekend.
Rogers' maintenance is gonna hate me.

19th Apr 2004, 14:46   comments (5)