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Pictures makes me feel as if the nature of my alcoholism and insanity have occasionally been captured. I don't know if anyone who sees this will approve, or if they'll find it even worse than dead baby pictures.
Fascinating? Horrifying? Boring as fuck? Not that fucking is boring.
Hey... you came here. If it's just a fucking table, it's just a fucking table. If it's my mental ejaculate and it pisses you off, piss off.

Why the HELL would you want to know more?
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5th Apr 2004, 20:29   comments (15)


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For weeks now, it's been bloody raining.
You Brits can take your weather back now, please.
2nd Apr 2004, 23:29   comments (4)


What can I say?
The man knows the way to my heart...

2nd Apr 2004, 23:06   comments (0)


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A-dumpstering we will go,
A-dumpstering we will gooooo,
If you look enough,
You find great stuff,
A-dumpstering we will goooooooo!!!!

I love the fact that we live near an apartment complex. At the end of the
month, every once in a while, someone moves and throws out something really
great. Like a pair of bookshelves in perfect condition. And I mean there's
not even a scratch on them and all the shelves are intact and in great
condition... I mean these things run you $100 bucks in the stores easy for
this quality.

We were skateboarding when we saw them, so we just used our boards as dollys
and wheeled 'em home!
2nd Apr 2004, 17:00   comments (4)


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31st Mar 2004, 19:14   comments (2)


We were in a pub last night when I looked down on the counter and noticed
space cigarettes sitting there, so I figured I'd better take a picture of
them. I know now they are made by Dunhill, the most evil of all cigarette
companies. How unexpected.

The rest goes like this...

Dar and I hit the city via skateboard determined to have some sunshine
before cold and dark took over again. I'm not sure what he's doing in the
second picture but it might be his impression of a testicle.

Then it's me. Wahoo. Lookit the thirty year old skater punk.

The next one's John, who seems to be doing a C'thulu impression. John is
the general manager at Hair Of The Dog (Bite Me!) and is responsible for
getting me drunk at no charge on several occasions. He's good people.

Crazy though. John told me he could see the face of Jesus in a brick at the
side of the building. The brick in question is pictured... and while it
did quote scripture quite accurately I saw no physical resemblance to Jesus
at all. It kinda looks like Elvis to me.

The last picture is a lamp. Be in awe. It shines.
30th Mar 2004, 20:11   comments (5)


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Saturday afternoon, downtown Toronto.

29th Mar 2004, 23:29   comments (6)


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"Caution: This wet floor may be slippery, especially to headless people"?

"Caution: Space shuttle landing-pod drop-zone"?

Make up better... I want to hear your brain. Mine is fairly silent today.
29th Mar 2004, 23:28   comments (6)