The Damndest Thing

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Pictures makes me feel as if the nature of my alcoholism and insanity have occasionally been captured. I don't know if anyone who sees this will approve, or if they'll find it even worse than dead baby pictures.
Fascinating? Horrifying? Boring as fuck? Not that fucking is boring.
Hey... you came here. If it's just a fucking table, it's just a fucking table. If it's my mental ejaculate and it pisses you off, piss off.

Why the HELL would you want to know more?
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It's beer.
It's a candle.

30th Jan 2004, 16:20   comments (4)

Retirement Fund

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29th Jan 2004, 16:37   comments (8)

The Shrine Part 4: Graphics (not all of them mind you)

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28th Jan 2004, 16:21   comments (1)

The Shrine Part 3 - Comics

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That's 6 crates overstuffed. And growing.
Sigh. We really don't know where to put things anymore.
It's mostly but not all Spider-Man... There's some various Batman runs, DD, Y The Last Man, Authority, Transmet, Global Frequency, Powers, Ultimate-X, Red, I think I've got all of Planetary, Alias, SW, lots of X-Men, particularily i have Wolverine (I have the first run), League of XG, etc etc etc...

I think it's safe to say I'm a big geek.
28th Jan 2004, 16:20   comments (3)

For PalmPixel: The Shrine Part 2

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28th Jan 2004, 16:18   comments (3)

For PalmPixel: The Shrine Part 1

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28th Jan 2004, 16:17   comments (3)

Pat has a worse drinking problem than I do.

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Strangely, all of my friends seem to develop drinking problems when they come over.
27th Jan 2004, 19:23   comments (4)