The Student Life of Munkeh

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I am already known to the moblog community, as FF's Daughter No. 1, but she asked me to get one of my own so I did.

I am a student at Manchester. That's about all you need to know.

I generally reside at Myspace, but occasionally venture out into the wider WWW when I get bored.

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Alton Towers

10th May 2007, 15:06   comments (4)

Munkeh... gobstoppered!
30th Apr 2007, 17:52   comments (10)

Munkeh is...

(viewed 1220 times)
29th Apr 2007, 21:57   comments (7)

Revision period...

(viewed 1261 times)
...and the boredom has set in already
28th Apr 2007, 22:04   comments (14)


...the 'party' mode of A's digital camera!
18th Apr 2007, 19:00   comments (5)

Back to uni after Easter...

(viewed 1305 times)
Can you tell everyones parents took us shopping?!
16th Apr 2007, 15:46   comments (4)

Easter blogging...

This is Marvin, my Easter egg, courtesy of my best friends mum. The smarties were too heavy to stick though :(
9th Apr 2007, 15:40   comments (13)

London again...

..twice in a week! This time - The Globe - with FairyBookWorm
8th Apr 2007, 13:13   comments (8)
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