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Is it good that I can post from a cell phone. Probably not...

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Should i drink it?

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Should i drink it?

18th Jan 2005, 04:15   comments (5)


16th Jan 2005, 20:13   comments (0)

Good to use the mirror.

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He is getting good!

29th Dec 2004, 23:20   comments (0)

He's shaving.

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He's shaving!

He got a shaving kit for christmas. He stayed up late until we drove all the way home from Grandma's, so he could shave.

He doesn't even remember the moustache picture. He just wanted to shave!
29th Dec 2004, 23:15   comments (1)

Peace on earth

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Well. I actually found it here:
But I liked it.
23rd Dec 2004, 21:22   comments (0)

Nicola the bridesmaid

Nicola just found out she is a bridesmaid.
(Post Note: Nicola wants me to add, that the face was really just for the idiot with the camera phone. She's really quite happy about being a bridesmaid! ) (Post Post Note: Idiot with camera phone doesn't but it!)
17th Oct 2004, 21:39   comments (0)

David on the pumpkins

David on the pumpkins
16th Oct 2004, 19:28   comments (2)

David on the bridge

David on the bridge
16th Oct 2004, 17:08   comments (0)
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