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Taught by mistakes and setbacks, we have become wiser and handle our affairs better. It is hard for any political party or person to avoid mistakes, but we should make as few as possible. Once a mistake is made, we should correct it, and the more quickly and throughly, the better. - June, 1949 -- Mao Tse-Tung



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The Reason I Shan't Have Children

(viewed 421 times)
14th Aug 2006, 05:14   comments (1)

A Cow Saw Me in the Field...

(viewed 388 times)
14th Aug 2006, 05:06   comments (0)

My most favourite sign of all time.

(viewed 439 times)
13th Aug 2006, 01:41   comments (5)

My Real Mother...

(viewed 386 times)
Can *you* see the resemblance?
13th Aug 2006, 01:38   comments (0)

Found This Today

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We have decided to call her "mother". I'll hope now that she hasn't discovered this site!
13th Aug 2006, 01:34   comments (6)