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Young Love

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Love is patient, love is kind, And what our loves express is true. No amount of tragedy can tear Or break the love I have for you.

Time has healed our many wounds, But has not erased the memory. But we'll hold on, we'll stay together. We will get through this, you and me.

Though we are young and still learning About ourselves, our world today, In my heart, I'll always love you, And in my heart you'll always stay.

As days go by, as time progresses, We will change, mature, and always grow. But as we grow, as we reminisce, There is one thing I will always know.

My love for you will never falter, Never cease, for it's always true. With love comes patience, but it's worth the wait, To share my unending love with you.
28th Aug 2012, 14:11   | tags:,,comments (0)

Hell of a (Teenager) Life!

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As many people know, the life of a Teenager is simply said: 'F*cking Hard'. From 'round your 12th Year, You start to see changes in your Life and step by step you are on your way to become an Adult...

When i write this, i am just 15. and yes, thats the age where emotions become stronger, emotions like: Love, Hate, Anger, Happyness and many more. But... Growing up comes with problems. Problems with your parents, maybe with your friends or even with your Love... Yes, i know that the life of a teenager is complicated! But the best thing you can do is Always keep your head up and 'Stand your F*cking Ground!'