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The tale of one giant wookie of love and his adventures in the world.

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29th Nov 2004, 21:43   comments (0)

Just like Baywatch

...except cold, wet and there was no David Hasslehof.
29th Nov 2004, 21:41   comments (0)

The name of this place

amused me greatly.
29th Nov 2004, 21:39   comments (0)

Possibly the most important Star

on the Hollywood walk of fame.
29th Nov 2004, 21:35   comments (1)


Avast ye... scurvy dog!
25th Nov 2004, 18:45   comments (2)

Grrrr rrraaarrgghhh rrrooowwwww....

25th Nov 2004, 01:20   comments (2)

I hit baseball!

I hit baseball far!
25th Nov 2004, 01:18   comments (0)

Yosemite National Park

is such a lovely, beautiful, pretty, nice place to be.
As well as the stunning scenery, there are many
beautiful animals who don't mind getting close to humans
- I simply loved the place.

The only problem is that the animals are almost all
trained to wait until I spot them, get my camera ready
and about to press the button - then they run away.

25th Nov 2004, 01:16   comments (0)
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