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21st Mar 2005, 20:46   comments (0)


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A car covered in snow, Boston - North End. Blizzard 05 NOTE REAR SPOILER!

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Internet here

27th Dec 2004, 00:51   comments (0)

For Tomomi:

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We're having a "toys for tots" drive at my office (people bring in toys that go to poor families) and I saw this sitting on top. I knew you love "My Little Pony", so I figured I'd take a shot of it to show you that some little girl somewhere is going to be really happy with her Little Pony. It's not a christmas present for you... but it's just a nice holiday thought being sent your way. Either that, or make you jealous of the little girl who gets it! hehehe. It's not OLD SCHOOL... but it's still "my little pony".

Dress-up Evening Wear... for the Friendship Ball... that's... interesting.
23rd Dec 2004, 21:51   comments (0)


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This is the worst thing ever, officially. Face-hugger plushie?

24th Aug 2004, 22:01   comments (3)


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24th Aug 2004, 21:33   comments (0)


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Tower Records had it!

23rd Aug 2004, 22:06   comments (0)


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A Larc card in Newberry Comics, but alas... no Larc!

23rd Aug 2004, 21:42   comments (0)
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