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Who is a Croupier?

Croupiers are people responsible for many gambling processes. Among the following, we can mention clarifying the game rules to the clients, collecting lost bets and paying the winning bets. In addition, the croupiers need to spin the roulette wheels and deal with the cards. These folks usually work in the casinos or other gambling arenas. Their typical day will include:
- Setting up the table before the beginning of the working day;
- Welcoming new customers and assuring that they feel comfortable;
- Explaining the rules and gambling procedures to new customers;
- Being extremely attentive while handling money;
- Immediately reporting about all suspicious activity to the casino manager;
- Identifying professional poker players and ensuring they’re playing according to the rules.

Pros and Cons of Croupiers Job?

That’s an interesting job for many communicative people. Croupiers get really excited when they look at winning people. One more pleasant thing is a working schedule. It’s cool not to have 9-5 common office job. It gives an opportunity to plan other activities apart from your primary work.

Salary is a thing which should be mentioned here. It depends on your skills and knowledge and the variety of games with which you can deal. That’s exciting, isn’t it? Let’s imagine the situation that you can deal with Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. You are the real professional and you can easily give the answer to what is pachinko or how many roulette types exist. In this case, you’ll receive a pretty good salary.

Croupiers profession has several disadvantages. Practically all the casinos are accessible 24 hours a day. That’s why it includes day and night shifts. It’s a normal thing to have rotating shifts and work during all holidays. Another disadvantage is associated with smoking and drinking alcohol. Usually, casinos serve alcohol and allow their clients to smoke. Moreover, the croupiers are always on their feet. It’s important to adapt to such working conditions.

What Kind of Knowledge Is Required?
People need some basic set of skills and knowledge if they want to work as a croupier.
The first thing is a good maths skills. It’s an obvious and obligatory knowledge for all the croupiers. You’ll need to count very quickly during the working day. One more thing which you’ll need is strong customer support skills. You need to be communicative and customers-oriented professional. Qualified croupier is always helpful and attentive to the player’s needs and requirements.

It’s highly important not to be sensitive and be ready to take insults. These skills are needed when people lose their money. They can easily insult you in such a situation. That’s why it’s better to be ready to face such difficulties. Another requirement is the absence of any criminal records. You will give personal fingerprints if you want to be employed in the casino. That’s a mandatory safety rule.

In addition to this, the casinos need extremely attentive co-workers. It’s a necessary skill while monitoring the customer’s movements during the working shift. Moreover, croupiers need to monitor the area around the table. They need to check the players right to gamble before they join their poker or blackjack game.

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