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It's official, I've been assimilated to the Cult of Moblog by the lovely YourHermione. Oh and the camera Mumzilla gave us as an engagement gift...

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Things learned on a lazy Saturday...

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After asking questions about how I was making the baby blanket (not out of
real babies, though,) I taught Rob how to crochet today, and he's done quite
In exchange, he's teaching me German longsword...
11th Nov 2006, 18:41   | tags:comments (2)


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I have a baby shower gift to make for a coworker, so I decided to
make another baby blanket. She mentioned that the nursery was very neutral colors, so they wanted to use accessories with bright colors. *G* I hope this is bright enough for the little boy, whenever he decides to come out and play.

Only have a few rows done, but not bad for starting after 8pm...
10th Nov 2006, 04:52   | tags:,comments (3)

Craftblogging -the dreaded fourth curtain

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This last curtain of the project has been sitting around as a lump of fabric for far too long, so after everything else, I decided I wanted it finished before tomorrow's brunch.

Blue upholstery fabric and pearl grey microsuede make for
fantastic (and cheap) blackout curtains, once the fabric has been laid out and the never ending seams are folded, pressed, hemmed and sewn (lather, inse & repeat until each side is completed, and then do the ends.)

It's nice to have them finally frigging done, and for about the price of one ok pair of curtains at a shop. Next stop, the bedroom curtain project, which is currently nothing but a bolt of fabric...
5th Nov 2006, 05:04   | tags:,comments (4)

For parabolichobo

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a picture of me in my corset, although from a different photo shoot.

Though if you go back to the Cinderella shot, you can see the end effect of the costuming for that gig.
5th Nov 2006, 01:16   | tags:,comments (7)

Cupcake Math is hard

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For some reason, they came out all different sizes. Ah well, it won't
matter too much. After all, cupcakes are solely a vehicle to get frosting
to your mouth.The second picture is the chai banana bread, peppermint schnapps brownies
and homemade spiced apple topping I've made for the Guy Fawkes Day Brunch
tomorrow (hey, it's the best excuse for brunch we could come up with!) I've
been a busy little Boston baker.
4th Nov 2006, 23:31   | tags:,comments (10)

Pumpkins accomplished

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Ok, so mine turned out to look rather like Cookie Monster.

And now, my favorite part: Roasting the pumpkin seeds! I think either curry or black tea roasted, as I have no wasabi powder on hand to make wasabi seeds...
31st Oct 2006, 02:36   | tags:,comments (3)

The hand, endgame

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A few snips and tugs, and I had the stitches out. I figure it will take
about a month before I know if there will be any scar.
29th Oct 2006, 16:21   | tags:comments (1)

Drac's Makeup on Sunday

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It's far easier to do makeup and vein-y designs when you're not in a corset and getting costumed yourself...
29th Oct 2006, 16:18   | tags:,,comments (1)