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"These are the days, marching t'ward us with vengeance in their eyes.

These are the days, racing toward us with blood on their teeth and

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The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players...erm, stage.

(viewed 717 times)
Was too shy to take a photo during the gig so you'll have to make do
with this. Maybe you could create little a puppet Trachtenburg Family
and use my photo of the stage for them to perform on.
4th Jan 2005, 16:49   comments (0)

Back to Glasgow

(viewed 615 times)
Sandwiched between two fatties...*shakes fist at sky*...Damn you BA.
4th Jan 2005, 16:43   comments (0)

Always crashing in the same car...

(viewed 618 times)
19th Dec 2004, 03:22   comments (0)

View from Bethnal Green train station

(viewed 613 times)
There is something fucking evil about this place...
19th Dec 2004, 03:21   comments (1)

Oh Sweet Lord...

(viewed 640 times)
18th Dec 2004, 14:11   comments (2)

Christmas on the Tube

(viewed 647 times)
Ah the joys of Office Parties
16th Dec 2004, 12:21   comments (3)

Doves light show

(viewed 580 times)
New stuff sounded great but the songs were cotton-wooled in reverb and
delay. They need to let them breathe a bit.
16th Dec 2004, 12:18   comments (1)

Morning Runner

(viewed 966 times)
Another Tuesday, another Magic Numbers gig. Two fantastic supports.
The first were an up tempo country rock band called 'The Loose
Salute'. They had a lead singer described as "a hottie who really
knows how to work those Daisy Dukes" by my friend (who can get away
with such things as she's a girl...I just nodded slowly as I drooled
into my pint glass). I would have taken a picture but I feared that my shaking hand would not do her justice.

Next up were 'Morning Runner' - these guys are really good. The lead
singer sounds like Robert Smith and they were well on the way to
being "my new favourite band" right up until to the end when they
spoiled it by smashing their equipment. Hang on guys, you're
supporting The Magic Numbers at the Borderline not Motley Cru at
Wembley. It was made sadder by the fact they obviously didn't want to
smash it too much because it was all quite new. Ah well...

ps: The Magic Numbers were astounding but you new that anyway right?
8th Dec 2004, 07:36   comments (6)