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"These are the days, marching t'ward us with vengeance in their eyes.

These are the days, racing toward us with blood on their teeth and

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Bob Mould

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at the Mean Fiddler.Heard songs last night I never thought I'd see performed live. If he'd
played "Bed of Nails" I would could've died a happy man - but I'll settle
for "Celebrated Summer".
A few people got a bit teary during "Hardly Getting Over it". Not me of
7th Sep 2005, 15:02   comments (0)

The Gite at Lescun

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Top, top place. We had a nice room mate called Richard who was walking
from Lescun to Gavarnie.
1st Sep 2005, 21:56   comments (0)

Down the hill

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...and back to Lescun
1st Sep 2005, 21:54   comments (1)


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Fourth morning - hard to believe it's the same place. Now the cloud has
lifted we can see where we tried to come down the hill. Things are looking
up. We decide to head to Lescun.
1st Sep 2005, 21:53   comments (0)

Eat 'em up YUM!

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One sure fire way to boost morale is to eat some food. Unfortunately when
the food in question is 3min quick cook pasta in a sauce made from the
leftovers from a Knorr packet soup then it can have the opposite effect.
1st Sep 2005, 21:52   comments (1)


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We cant make the Refuge D'artlet where we are meant to be staying - it's too
cold and none of us fancy the two hour walk followed by having to set up the
tents. So we make for a closer refuge. But visibility is down to 20ft and we
cant find the path and so decide to go "off piste" and try and find our own
way down. This is a mistake. The grass is slippy and the slope steeper than
the map is telling us and very soon we're confronted with a sheer drop. We
traverse the top of it and manage to get down safely. Ray Meers would have
given us SUCH a bollocking. So,one hugely scary ridge descent later and we
turn up at the building to find that it's not a refuge but a shephards house
- he gamely lets us stay in his field. There is not one square inch of it
that isn't covered in cow, dog, goat or sheep shit. Morale hits an all time
1st Sep 2005, 21:48   comments (0)


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A simple mistake earlier on and now we can't find a way over the ridge to
get back into France. The clouds have descended and it's pretty cold.
Earlier on we had saw our first marking for the GR10 (the route we were
walking). It looked like this, ">>"
We took this to be an arrow pointing right. In fact it's meant to be a top
down view of the path and so is saying that the path goes off to the left.
We were a 100% wrong.
Kenny's using a map and compass - Neil is using a GPRS. I'm using my mobile
phone to do the calculations they give me because I'm so tired and cold that
25 x 25 is proving impossible to work out.
1st Sep 2005, 21:41   comments (1)

Kenny gets the map out.

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Now we're lost.
We think we're ok at this point and haven't went too badly wrong. I mean the
sun is shining and we have maps, compass AND A GPS - just how wrong could
we go?
1st Sep 2005, 21:34   comments (0)