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"Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you'll never hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
Live like heaven on Earth"
- William Purkey

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Vodblog 1

(viewed 675 times)
Then there was a vodstock

It was a huge amount of fun, most of the night was spent running aimlessly towards whatever was in the distance.

-Dan & friend pretending to be happy
-Toddy blissfully unaware of the monkeyface presence
8th Oct 2006, 19:32   comments (2)

Go team Nana

(viewed 582 times)
It's been a while but LOOK I'm back, and I've given lovely moblog some shiney pennies because it's so nice.

So some updating, firsty...

Nana's better!

Well, kind of. All out of hospital and in to her home again.
To celebrate I put all her jewellery on, it makes her smile harder every time it happens.
8th Oct 2006, 19:12   comments (6)

Monkey Lips

(viewed 1086 times)
Mummy Hs doggie Kelloggs being a smiler :)
18th Sep 2006, 14:04   comments (9)

More kiddies

(viewed 813 times)
Bless, it makes me want to hug you all
6th Sep 2006, 16:22   comments (37)


(viewed 779 times)
Inspired by backwards lamb

ahhh we knew so little
6th Sep 2006, 16:04   comments (29)


(viewed 2844 times)
Just fell in love with some shoes and daydreamed about owning them all morning, before noticing they haven't got my size, and hating life

Anyone know of some magical place that sell asos shoes?

My Traumas get worse today, tonight should be eventful
6th Sep 2006, 14:45   comments (18)

Have YOU got it?

(viewed 681 times)
My lovely shiney metal friend I fondly refer to as my key isn't with me

Meaning I can only stray within a 5foot radius of the flat today before it gets robbed, joy

I like to think the door handle is doing a shocked face about the whole situation

6th Sep 2006, 09:01   comments (27)

Rufford hut

(viewed 697 times)
Spike doing a wee and a climb

Didn't get any pictures of the wonderful stick hut type thing we were sat in, but it was wonderful.

Would it be legal to take supplies and loads of nice people there one lazy day? Because I'd like that.
6th Sep 2006, 00:21   comments (8)