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We bloggers like a good quote, don't we?

This group is for your favourite quotations, and i'm not just talking about things you read in Bartlett's. It could be an inspirational excerpt from an ancient text; a memorable line from a movie; advice an old school teacher gave that stuck with you. It can even be something you overheard at the bus stop this morning.

Add a poignant photo to accompany your quote.

If you tag the posts, perhaps we can build up a searchable bank of our own favourite words, phrases, quotations...

You get the picture. Join the group and get quoting. You can quote me on that.

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From sonnet 17

(viewed 879 times)
*I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.*

Pablo Neruda

I think this is the first time I've posted to a group. Did I do alright?

Posted by Craft


(viewed 1025 times)
*....If a man dwells on the past, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of our past.*

I hope this brings back some memories for some of you.

Posted by Twiglet

26th Jul 2009, 18:41   | tags:,,comments (4)

Learning to fly

(viewed 843 times)
*No navigator to guide my way home
Unladened, empty and turned to stone
A soul in tension that's learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try
Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit...*

Pink Floyd song

Posted by Twiglet

Photographers deal

(viewed 640 times)
"Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again." - Henri Cartier Bresson

Posted by Caine

1st Jul 2009, 22:35   comments (0)

I played

(viewed 1336 times)
"I played with an idea, and grew wilful; tossed it into the air and transformed it; let it escape and recaptured it; made it iridescent with fancy, and winged it with paradox." - Oscar Wilde

Posted by Caine

Let atoms lurk

(viewed 1732 times)
"Let onion atoms lurk within the bowl
And, scarce suspected, animate the whole."

Sydney Smith

Posted by Caine

Forever is Now

(viewed 823 times)
"I guess that’s all forever is...Just one long trail of nows. And I guess all you can do is try and live one now at a time without getting too worked up about the last now or the next now."

Nicholas Evans

For my loved fella friend he of the alliterative name and his sexy Boyf. For blokes, you are so wise sometimes!

Posted by Twiglet

I will find you

(viewed 979 times)
"You be strong, you survive... You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you."

This a waterfall frozen in a moment. The words are from Last of the Mohicans.

Posted by Twiglet