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Colliding Bishop, cuddle my brain!

And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

The Compleat Elvis

Hypothetical: Like a virtual pub!

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Robox demands bitches

(viewed 913 times)
Robox has a brand new pimp hat + pimp staff. Turns out with his magnificent=
robot brain, pimpin' is easy.
11th Jul 2004, 14:55   comments (1)

Lovely robot bra

(viewed 1389 times)
Robox is experimenting with his sexuality. Robot Communism demands further =
research into robotic sports bras immediatly!
11th Jul 2004, 14:02   comments (0)

Smallest. Beergarden. Ever.

(viewed 763 times)

10th Jul 2004, 18:22   comments (0)

Oh, ceefax

(viewed 853 times)

10th Jul 2004, 14:14   comments (0)

Superfuzzy Big Moth

(viewed 1196 times)
massive massive moth hiding from the shitty weather. Its fuzz is indeed
7th Jul 2004, 22:24   comments (4)

Adolf Swayze

(viewed 1138 times)
For some reason my new desk has a small picture of Patrick Swayze on it. This bit of lifeshopping just had to be done, franqleee
7th Jul 2004, 13:26   comments (3)

HMV is my god

(viewed 1148 times)
Anyone with ?20 spare sponds should get themselves to the Huge Record Hut on the high street and pick up both DVDs of Black Books for maximum comedy chunkiness. Their sale is full of much bounty, but I cannot, must not, ever go there again, ere I spend quantities yet again.

Hmm, I do take rather a lot of shots of what I watch on TV, don't I?
6th Jul 2004, 19:27   comments (0)

Comic sins attack squad

(viewed 898 times)

5th Jul 2004, 14:46   comments (2)