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And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

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ATP: Damo Suzuki

(viewed 1527 times)
Damo's great. He calls himself a 21st century nomad, which basically means
he goes to places, finds musicians to play with, and rock out in an
improvisational shamanic stylee. He is literally always on tour and so
there's a very good chance that he'll be playing near you soon. So you
should go and see him. More info at
no srsly he's great.
10th Dec 2007, 14:16   comments (0)

ATP: Sunn o))))

(viewed 1476 times)
Ultimate doomdrone slowcore notune metal, conceptually awesome although
terrible in actuality, especially on a rather hungover sunday evening. These
videos are not actually that distorted soundwise from what you heard if you
were there. You can't really see that the singer was dressed like a blob of
snot with twigs stuck in it, but he was.

We left 20 minutes into the 90 minute set.
10th Dec 2007, 14:02   comments (1)


(viewed 1442 times)
28th Nov 2007, 23:53   comments (0)


(viewed 1443 times)
28th Nov 2007, 23:51   comments (3)

ready for burnin'

(viewed 1414 times)
3rd Nov 2007, 22:40   comments (2)

He's behiiiiiiind you

(viewed 1870 times)
1st Nov 2007, 13:14   | tags:,comments (8)

Woo woo! Here comes the man train

(viewed 14988 times)
UEA rugby society working out issues with its collective sexuality in public.
1st Nov 2007, 12:42   comments (4)

great moments in Doctor Who special effects number 101: The Power of Kroll

(viewed 6856 times)
Kroll! Kroll! Kroll!
21st Oct 2007, 15:43   comments (9)